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· 改制上市 An enterprise is re-organized according to modern corporate system
so that it will get listed on the stock market.
· 干部队伍革命化、年轻化、知识化、专业化 " make the ranks of cadres more revolutionary,
younger in average age, better educated and professionally more competent "
· 岗位培训 on-the-job training 
· 高分低能 high scores and low abilities
· 高峰 peak time
· 高峰论坛 summit (forum)
· 高考 (university) entrance examination
· 高难度动作 stunner, stunt
· 高清晰度 high definition
· 高手 master hand, expert
· (精通电脑和网络的)高手 geek
· 高新技术产业开发区 high and new technology industrial development zone
· 高原反应,高山反应 altitude stress; altitude sickness
· 个人数字助理 PDA (personal digital assistant)
· 个人演唱会 solo concert
· 个人自扫门前雪, 莫管他人瓦上霜 hoe one's own potatoes
· 功夫不负有心人 Everything comes to him who waits.
· 公告板服务 Bulletin Board Service (BBS)
· 公积金 "public accumulation funds, public reserve funds"
· 公检法 " public security organs, procuratorial organs and people's courts"
· 公务员 civil servants; governmental employee
· 恭喜发财 May you be prosperous!; Wish you prosperity.
· 个体经济 private economy
· 跟屁虫's shadow; to tag along; 2. flatterer, boot licker, ass-kisser, brown-noser
· 广告词 jingle
· 广告电话直销 direct response advertising
· 广告妙语 attention-getter
· 光谷 optical valley
· 光机电一体化 "optical, mechanical and electronic integration"
· 归口管理 put under centralized management by specialized departments
· 规模经济 scale economy
· 规模效益 scale merit
· 国产化率 import substitution rate; localization rate of parts and components
· 国家重点科技攻关项目 national key scientific and technological project
· 国脚 player of the national football team; footballer of the national team
· 国库券 treasury bonds
· 国泰民安 The country flourishes and people live in peace
· 国家重点科技攻关项目 national key scientific and technological project
· 国脚 player of the national football team; footballer of the national team
· 国库券 treasury bonds

· 海量存储 mass memory
· 海市蜃楼,镜花水月,无稽之谈 a mare's nest
· 海峡交流基金会(海基会) Strait Exchange Foundation of (Taiwan, China)(SEF)
· 海峡两岸关系协会 the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits
· 海峡两岸交流基金会 the Straits Exchange Foundation
· 海协会 ARATS) Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait
· 寒带 frigid zone
· 好了伤疤忘了疼 once on shore, one prays no more
· 好事不出门,恶事传千里 "Good news never goes beyond the gate, while bad news spread far and wide. "
· 盒饭 packed meal; box lunch
· 和服 Kimono
· 和平共处五项原则: 互相尊重领土完整和主权、互不侵犯、互不干涉内政、平等互利、和平共处
Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence: mutual respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty,
mutual non-aggression, non-interference in each other's internal affairs, equality and mutual benefit,
and peaceful coexistence
· 和平演变 peaceful evolution
· 和气生财 Harmony brings wealth
· 贺岁片 New Year's Film
· 黑店 gangster inn
· 黑客 hacker
· 黑社会 Mafia-style organizations; gangland
· 黑心棉 shoddy cotton
· 鸿门宴 Hongmen banquet--a feast or meeting set up as a trap for the invited
· 红旗单位 advanced (model) establishment
· 虎父无犬子 A wise goose never lays a tame egg.
· 户口簿 residence booklet
· 户口管理制度 "domicile system, residence registration system "
· 呼啦圈 hu la hoop
· 胡子工程 long-drawn-out project (a project which takes so long that young workers become bearded)
· 滑板车 scooter
· 画中画 picture-in-picture (PIP)
· 坏帐 bad account
· 会考 unified examination; general examination
· 回扣 kickback
· 灰色经济 grey economy
· 婚前同居 premarital cohabit
· 婚前协议 prenup
· 婚纱摄影 bride photo
· 婚外恋 extramarital love
· 活到老,学到老 One is never too old to learn.
· 火炬计划 Torch Program (a plan to develop new and high technology)

· 基本国情 fundamental realities of the country
· 基本路线要管一百年 The basic line must be followed unswervingly for a very long time to come.
· 基地组织 al-Qaeda group
· 计划单列市 city specifically designated in the state plan
· 计划经济 planned economy
· 计划生育责任制 responsibility system of family planning
· 集体观念 groupism; collective spirit
· 集体婚礼 collective wedding ceremony; group wedding
· 集体经济 collective economy
· 吉祥如意 Everything goes well
· 继续深化国有企业改革、使企业真正成为市场竞争的主体 to deepen SOE reform to enable them to become
main players in the market competition;
· 积压产品 overstocked commodities (inventories)
· 嘉宾 "distinguished guest, honored guest"
· 假唱 lip-synch
· 假动作 "deception, feint"
· 甲骨文 oracle bone inscriptions
· 假冒伪劣产品 counterfeit and shoddy products
· 假球;黑哨 soccer fraud; black whistle
· 假日经济 holiday economy
· 家庭联产承包责任制 the household contract responsibility system
· 减负 alleviate burdens on sb.
· 渐进式台独 gradual Taiwan independence
· 见面会 meet-and-greet
· 减员增效 downsizing for efficiency; cut payroll to improve efficiency
· 脚踩两只船 sit on the fence
· 假帐 accounting fraud
· 借调 temporarily transfer
· 借读生 transient student
· 解放生产力 emancipate the productive forces
· 解放思想、实事求是的思想路线 ideological line of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts
· 近水楼台先得月 "First come, first served; A water-front pavilion gets the moonlight first--the
advantage of being in a favored position."
· 金无足赤,人无完人 Gold can't be pure and man can't be perfect.
· 靖国神社 Yasukuni Shrine
· 经济房 low-cost housing
· 经济林 cash tree
· 精品 competitive products
· 精神文明建设 promote cultural and ideological progress; develop socialist culture and ethics
· 竞争上岗 take up a job through competition
· 酒肉朋友 fair-weather friend
· 举报电话 informants' hot-line telephone
· 居委会 neighborhood committee; residents' committee
· 具有中国特色的 with Chinese characteristics
· 君子之交淡如水 the friendship between gentlemen is as pure as crystal; a hedge between keeps friendship green

· 开发式扶贫 poverty reduction through development projects;
development-oriented poverty relief
· 开发一代,储存一代,预研一代 (产品) to develop this generation
of products while researching on the next generation of products
· 开后门 under-the-counter deals; offer advantages to one's
friends or relatives by underhand means
· 开题报告 opening speech; opening report
· 开小灶 give special favor
· 开夜车 burn the midnight oil; work over night
· 可持续发展 sustainable development
· 可持续发展战略 strategy of sustainable development
· 科技成果转化为生产力 transfer of scientific and technological achievements
· 科技成果市场化、产业化 commercialize scientific and technological results;
to gear sicentific and technological achievements to the market and production
· 科技含量 technology content
· 科技是第一生产力 Science and technology constitute a primary productive force.
· 课件(教师多媒体教学演示片) courseware
· 科教兴国 rely on science and education to rejuvenate the nation
· 口头禅 pet phrase
·· 跨世纪工程 a trans-century project
· 跨越式发展 develop by strides
· 会计电算化 accounting computerization
· 宽带接入 broadband access
· 跨越式发展 great-leap-forward development
· 亏损企业 enterprises running in the red/under deficit
· 困难职工 the needy
· 扩大内需,刺激消费 expand domestic demand and consumption

· 拉动经济增长 fuel economic growth
· 拉关系 try to curry favor with
· 垃圾邮件 junk e-mail
· 啦啦队 cheering squad
· 来电 fall in love with someone
· 老三届 junior and senior high school graduates of 1966~1968;
school leavers of 1966~1968
· 老少边穷地区 "former revolutionary base areas, areas inhabited by minority
nationalities, remote and border areas and poverty-stricken areas "
· 老生常谈,陈词滥调 cut and dried, cliché
· 老油条 wily old bird; old slicker
· 老字号 an old and famous shop or enterprise; time-honoured brand
· 利改税 substitution of tax payment for profit delivery
· 礼仪小姐 ritual girl
· 联产承包责任制 system of contracted responsibility linking remuneration
to output; contract system with remuneration linked to output
· 练摊 to be a vendor
· 廉政建设 construction of a clean and honest administration
· 廉政、勤政、务实、高效政府 an honest, diligent, pragmatic and efficient government
· 两岸直航促进会 Association for Promotion of Cross-Straits Direct Transportation
· 两弹一艇 "A-bomb, H-bomb and nuclear-powered submarine"
· 两弹一星 atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb and artificial satellite
· 两个文明一起抓 place equal emphasis on material and ethical progress
· 两会 two Conferences (i.e. the National People's Congress and the
Chinese Political Consultative Conference)
· 两手抓两手都要硬 We must address ourselves to the problem of both material and
spiritual civilization(both material as well as culture and ideological progress)
? without any letup.
· 两手抓,两手都要硬 grasp both links at the same time and attach sufficient
importance to both
· 两思(致富思源,富而思进) to think of the source of getting rich and of
making progress after becoming affluence
· 良性循环 virtuous circle
· 粮油关系 grain and oil rationing registration
· 两院院士 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering
· 《聊斋志异》 Strange Tales of a Lonely Studio
· 另类 a different, special, completely new or fashionabel type or trend
· 留得青山在,不怕没柴烧 "Where there is life, there is hope."
· 流动人口 transient population
· 流星雨 meteor shower
· 录取分数线 enrollment mark
· 录取通知书 letter of admission
· 乱集资、乱摊派、乱收费 "unwarranted pooling of funds, arbitrary requisition
of donations and exaction of fees from enterprises "
· 乱收费、乱摊派、乱罚款 "arbitrary charges, fund-raising quotas and fines"
· 《论语》 Analects of Confucius
· 绿色奥运,科技奥运,人文奥运 green, high-tech and people friendly Olympic Games
· 绿色食品 green food

·?每逢佳节倍思亲?On?festive?occasions?more?than?ever?one?thinks?of?one's?dear? ones?far?away./?It?is?on?the?festival?occasions?when?one?misses?his?dear?most.?
·?门前三包?"be?responsible?for?general?sanitation,?green?covering?and? keeping?good?social?order?in?a?designated?area?outside?the?unit?building?"?
·?民办教师?citizen-managed?teachers?(teachers?in?rural?citizen-managed?or? state-managed?schools?who?do?not?receive?the?normal?remuneration?from?the?government)?

· 纳米 nanometer
· 纳斯达克 National Association of Securities Deal Automated Quotations (NASDAQ)
· 难得糊涂 "Where ignorance is bliss, it's folly to be wise."
· 南水北调 South-to-North water diversion
· 内退 early retirement

· 偶像 idol
· 欧元 Euro
· 排华政策 policy of discrimination against the Chinese
· 拍拖 being in love; having a love affair
· 排外主义 exclusivism
· 盘活存量资产 liquidize remnant assets
· 泡沫经济 bubble economy
· 泡妞 chase after the girls
· 抛砖引玉 a modest spur to induce others to come forward with valuable contributions;
? throw a sprat to catch a whale
· 赔了夫人又折兵, 花钱填无底洞 throw good money after bad
· 配套政策 supporting policies
· 碰钉子 get snubbed
· 碰头会 "brief meeting ( A brief, small-scale, informal meeting with no fixed agenda,
the main purpose of which is to exchange information.) "
· 碰一鼻子灰 be sent off with a flea in one's ear; be snubbedd; get a rebuff
· 皮包公司 bogus company
· 啤酒肚 beer belly
· 骗汇、逃汇、套汇 "obtain foreign currency and false pretenses, not turn over foreign
currency owed to the government and illegal arbitrage "
· 片面追求升学率 place undue emphasis on the proportion of students entering schools
of a higher level
· 平等、互利、互相尊重主权和领土完整 equalitymutual benefit mutual respect for
sovereignty and territorial integrity
· 平时不烧香,临时抱佛脚 "never burn incense when all is well, but clasp Buddha's
feet when in distress"
· 评头论足 nit-pick
· 破釜沉舟 cut off all means of retreat burn one's own way of retreat and be
determined to fight to the end
· 泼冷水 pour cold wate on the enthusiasm of dampen the spirit of
? throw a wet blanket over
· 泼水节 Water-Sprinkling Festival

· 旗袍 cheong-sam; Chi-pao
· 企业重组 reshuffle of the enterprises
· 企业孵化器 enterprise incubator
· 千里之行始于足下 a thousand-li journey begins with the first step--
the highest eminence is to be gained step by step
· 前怕狼,后怕虎 fear the wolf in front and the tiger behind/ hesitate
in doing something
· 前人栽树,后人乘凉 One generation plants the trees in whose shade another generation rests.
/ One sows and another reaps.
· 前事不忘,后事之师 Past experience, if not forgotten, is a guide for the future.
· 千禧婴儿 millennium infant; millennium baby
· 前瞻性 perspectiveness
· 抢得先机 take the preemptive opportunities
· 强龙难压地头蛇 Even a dragon (from the outside) finds it hard to control a snake
in its old haunt - Powerful outsiders can hardly afford to neglect local bullies.
· 强强联手 win-win co-operation
· 强权外交 power diplomacy
· 侨胞 countrymen residing abroad
· 巧妇难为无米之炊 If you have no hand you can't make a fist./ One can't make
bricks without straw.
· 翘尾巴 be cocky; get stuck-up
· 敲竹杠 make somebody pay through the nose; put the lug on; rob by a trick
· 勤工俭学 part-work and part-study system; work-study program
· 倾销 dump; dumping
· 求大同,存小异 seek common ground on major question while reserving differences
on minor ones
· 全面实施以德育为核心、以创新精神和实践能力为重点的素质教育 carry on the quality
education centering on moral education and emphasizing creativity and practice
· 全面小康社会 all-round well-off society
· 全民健身计划纲要 outline of the nationwide body-building plan
· 全球定位系统 global positioning system (GPS)
· 全球移动通信系统(全球通) global system for mobile communications (GSM)
· 拳头产品 competitive products; knock-out products; blockbuster