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018 五言古诗 孟浩然 秋登兰山寄张五 北山白云里, 隐者自怡悦; 相望始登高, 心随雁飞灭。 愁因薄暮起, 兴是清秋发。 时见归村人, 沙行渡头歇。 天边树若荠, 江畔洲如月。 何当载酒来, 共醉重阳节。 Five-character-ancient-verse Meng Haoran ON CLIMBING ORCHID MOUNTAIN IN THE AUTUMN TO ZHANG On a northern peak among white clouds You have found your hermitage of peace; And now, as I climb this mountain to see you, High with the wildgeese flies my heart. The quiet dusk might seem a little sad If this autumn weather were not so brisk and clear; I look down at the river bank, with homeward-bound villagers Resting on the sand till the ferry returns; There are trees at the horizon like a row of grasses And against the river's rim an island like the moon I hope that you will come and meet me, bringing a basket of wine -- And we'll celebrate together the Mountain Holiday. 019 五言古诗 孟浩然 夏日南亭怀辛大 山光忽西落, 池月渐东上。 散发乘夜凉, 开轩卧闲敞。 荷风送香气, 竹露滴清响。 欲取鸣琴弹, 恨无知音赏。 感此怀故人, 中宵劳梦想。 Five-character-ancient-verse Meng Haoran IN SUMMER AT THE SOUTH PAVILION THINKING OF XING The mountain-light suddenly fails in the west, In the east from the lake the slow moon rises. I loosen my hair to enjoy the evening coolness And open my window and lie down in peace. The wind brings me odours of lotuses, And bamboo-leaves drip with a music of dew.... I would take up my lute and I would play, But, alas, who here would understand? And so I think of you, old friend, O troubler of my midnight dreams ! 020 五言古诗 孟浩然 宿业师山房待丁大不至 夕阳度西岭, 群壑倏已暝; 松月生夜凉, 风泉满清听。 樵人归欲尽, 烟鸟栖初定。 之子期宿来, 孤琴候萝径。 Five-character-ancient-verse Meng Haoran AT THE MOUNTAIN-LODGE OF THE BUDDHIST PRIEST YE WAITING IN VAIN FOR MY FRIEND DING Now that the sun has set beyond the western range, Valley after valley is shadowy and dim.... And now through pine-trees come the moon and the chill of evening, And my ears feel pure with the sound of wind and water Nearly all the woodsmen have reached home, Birds have settled on their perches in the quiet mist.... And still -- because you promised -- I am waiting for you, waiting, Playing lute under a wayside vine. 021 五言古诗 王昌龄 同从弟南斋玩月忆山阴崔少府 高卧南斋时, 开帷月初吐; 清辉淡水木, 演漾在窗户。 苒苒几盈虚? 澄澄变今古。 美人清江畔, 是夜越吟苦。 千里其如何? 微风吹兰杜。 Five-character-ancient-verse Wang Changling WITH MY BROTHER AT THE SOUTH STUDY THINKING IN THE MOONLIGHT OF VICE-PREFECT CUI IN SHANYIN Lying on a high seat in the south study, We have lifted the curtain-and we see the rising moon Brighten with pure light the water and the grove And flow like a wave on our window and our door. It will move through the cycle, full moon and then crescent again, Calmly, beyond our wisdom, altering new to old. ...Our chosen one, our friend, is now by a limpid river -- Singing, perhaps, a plaintive eastern song. He is far, far away from us, three hundred miles away. And yet a breath of orchids comes along the wind. 022 五言古诗 邱为 寻西山隐者不遇 绝顶一茅茨, 直上三十里; 扣关无僮仆, 窥室惟案几。 若非巾柴车? 应是钓秋水。 差池不相见, 黾勉空仰止。 草色新雨中, 松声晚窗里; 及兹契幽绝, 自足荡心耳。 虽无宾主意, 颇得清净理。 兴尽方下山, 何必待之子。 Five-character-ancient-verse Qiu Wei AFTER MISSING THE RECLUSE ON THE WESTERN MOUNTAIN To your hermitage here on the top of the mountain I have climbed, without stopping, these ten miles. I have knocked at your door, and no one answered; I have peeped into your room, at your seat beside the table. Perhaps you are out riding in your canopied chair, Or fishing, more likely, in some autumn pool. Sorry though I am to be missing you, You have become my meditation -- The beauty of your grasses, fresh with rain, And close beside your window the music of your pines. I take into my being all that I see and hear, Soothing my senses, quieting my heart; And though there be neither host nor guest, Have I not reasoned a visit complete? ...After enough, I have gone down the mountain. Why should I wait for you any longer? 023 五言古诗 綦毋潜 春泛若耶溪 幽意无断绝, 此去随所偶; 晚风吹行舟, 花路入溪口。 际夜转西壑, 隔山望南斗。 潭烟飞溶溶, 林月低向后。 生事且弥漫, 愿为持竿叟。 Five-character-ancient-verse Qiwu Qian A BOAT IN SPRING ON RUOYA LAKE Thoughtful elation has no end: Onward I bear it to whatever come. And my boat and I, before the evening breeze Passing flowers, entering the lake, Turn at nightfall toward the western valley, Where I watch the south star over the mountain And a mist that rises, hovering soft, And the low moon slanting through the trees; And I choose to put away from me every worldly matter And only to be an old man with a fishing-pole. 024 五言古诗 常建 宿王昌龄隐居 清溪深不测, 隐处唯孤云; 松际露微月, 清光犹为君。 茅亭宿花影, 药院滋苔纹。 余亦谢时去, 西山鸾鹤群。 Five-character-ancient-verse Chang Jian AT WANG CHANGLIN' S RETREAT Here, beside a clear deep lake, You live accompanied by clouds; Or soft through the pine the moon arrives To be your own pure-hearted friend. You rest under thatch in the shadow of your flowers, Your dewy herbs flourish in their bed of moss. Let me leave the world. Let me alight, like you, On your western mountain with phoenixes and cranes. 025 五言古诗 岑参 与高适薛据登慈恩寺浮图 塔势如涌出, 孤高耸天宫; 登临出世界, 磴道盘虚空。 突兀压神州, 峥嵘如鬼工; 四角碍白日, 七层摩苍穹。 下窥指高鸟, 俯听闻惊风。 连山若波涛, 奔凑如朝东。 青槐夹驰道, 宫馆何玲珑? 秋色从西来, 苍然满关中。 五陵北原上, 万古青蒙蒙。 净理了可悟, 胜因夙所宗。 誓将挂冠去, 觉道资无穷。 Five-character-ancient-verse Cen Can ASCENDING THE PAGODA AT THE TEMPLE OF KIND FAVOUR WITH GAO SHI AND XUE JU The pagoda, rising abruptly from earth, Reaches to the very Palace of Heaven.... Climbing, we seem to have left the world behind us, With the steps we look down on hung from space. It overtops a holy land And can only have been built by toil of the spirit. Its four sides darken the bright sun, Its seven stories cut the grey clouds; Birds fly down beyond our sight, And the rapid wind below our hearing; Mountain-ranges, toward the east, Appear to be curving and flowing like rivers; Far green locust-trees line broad roads Toward clustered palaces and mansions; Colours of autumn, out of the west, Enter advancing through the city; And northward there lie, in five graveyards, Calm forever under dewy green grass, Those who know life's final meaning Which all humankind must learn. ...Henceforth I put my official hat aside. To find the Eternal Way is the only happiness. 026 五言古诗 元结 贼退示官吏并序 癸卯岁,西原贼入道州,焚烧杀掠,几尽而 去。明年,贼又攻永州,破邵,不犯此州边 鄙而退,岂力能制敌欤?盖蒙其伤怜而已! 诸史何为忍苦徵敛!故作诗一篇以示官吏。 昔岁逢太平, 山林二十年。 泉源在庭户, 洞壑当门前。 井税有常期, 日晏犹得眠。 忽然遭时变, 数岁亲戎旃。 今来典斯郡, 山夷又纷然。 城小贼不屠, 人贫伤可怜。 是以陷邻境, 此州独见全。 使臣将王命, 岂不如贼焉? 令彼徵敛者, 迫之如火煎。 谁能绝人命? 以作时世贤。 思欲委符节, 引竿自刺船, 将家就鱼麦, 归老江湖边。 又作宴 又作世 Five-character-ancient-verse Yuan Jie TO THE TAX-COLLECTORS AFTER THE BANDITS RETREAT In the year Kuimao the bandits from Xiyuan entered Daozhou, set fire, raided, killed, and looted. The whole district was almost ruined. The next year the bandits came again and, attacking the neighbouring prefecture, Yong, passed this one by. It was not because we were strong enough to defend ourselves, but, probably, because they pitied us. And how now can these commissioners bear to impose extra taxes? I have written this poem for the collectors' information. I still remember those days of peace -- Twenty years among mountains and forests, The pure stream running past my yard, The caves and valleys at my door. Taxes were light and regular then, And I could sleep soundly and late in the morning- Till suddenly came a sorry change. ...For years now I have been serving in the army. When I began here as an official, The mountain bandits were rising again; But the town was so small it was spared by the thieves, And the people so poor and so pitiable That all other districts were looted And this one this time let alone. ...Do you imperial commissioners Mean to be less kind than bandits? The people you force to pay the poll Are like creatures frying over a fire. And how can you sacrifice human lives, Just to be known as able collectors? -- ...Oh, let me fling down my official seal, Let me be a lone fisherman in a small boat And support my family on fish and wheat And content my old age with rivers and lakes! 027 五言古诗 韦应物 郡斋雨中与诸文士燕集 兵卫森画戟, 宴寝凝清香。 海上风雨至, 逍遥池阁凉。 烦痾近消散, 嘉宾复满堂。 自惭居处崇, 未睹斯民康。 理会是非遣, 性达形迹忘。 鲜肥属时禁, 蔬果幸见尝。 俯饮一杯酒, 仰聆金玉章。 神欢体自轻, 意欲淩风翔。 吴中盛文史, 群彦今汪洋。 方知大蕃地, 岂曰财赋强? Five-character-ancient-verse Wei Yingwu ENTERTAINING LITERARY MEN IN MY OFFICIAL RESIDENCE ON A RAINY DAY Outside are insignia, shown in state; But here are sweet incense-clouds, quietly ours. Wind and rain, coming in from sea, Have cooled this pavilion above the lake And driven the feverish heat away From where my eminent guests are gathered. ...Ashamed though I am of my high position While people lead unhappy lives, Let us reasonably banish care And just be friends, enjoying nature. Though we have to go without fish and meat, There are fruits and vegetables aplenty. ...We bow, we take our cups of wine, We give our attention to beautiful poems. When the mind is exalted, the body is lightened And feels as if it could float in the wind. ...Suzhou is famed as a centre of letters; And all you writers, coming here, Prove that the name of a great land Is made by better things than wealth. 028 五言古诗 韦应物 初发扬子寄元大校书 凄凄去亲爱, 泛泛入烟雾; 归棹洛阳人, 残钟广陵树。 今朝为此别, 何处还相遇? 世事波上舟, 沿洄安得住。 Five-character-ancient-verse Wei Yingwu SETTING SAIL ON THE YANGZI TO SECRETARY YUAN Wistful, away from my friends and kin, Through mist and fog I float and float With the sail that bears me toward Loyang. In Yangzhou trees linger bell-notes of evening, Marking the day and the place of our parting.... When shall we meet again and where? ...Destiny is a boat on the waves, Borne to and fro, beyond our will. 029 五言古诗 韦应物 寄全椒山中道士 今朝郡斋冷, 忽念山中客; 涧底束荆薪, 归来煮白石。 欲持一瓢酒, 远慰风雨夕; 落叶满空山, 何处寻行迹。 Five-character-ancient-verse Wei Yingwu A POEM TO A TAOIST HERMIT CHUANJIAO MOUNTAIN My office has grown cold today; And I suddenly think of my mountain friend Gathering firewood down in the valley Or boiling white stones for potatoes in his hut.... I wish I might take him a cup of wine To cheer him through the evening storm; But in fallen leaves that have heaped the bare slopes, How should I ever find his footprints! 030 五言古诗 韦应物 长安遇冯著 客从东方来, 衣上灞陵雨。 问客何为来? 采山因买斧。 冥冥花正开, 扬扬燕新乳。 昨别今已春, 鬓丝生几缕。 Five-character-ancient-verse Wei Yingwu ON MEETING MY FRIEND FENG ZHU IN THE CAPITAL Out of the east you visit me, With the rain of Baling still on your clothes, I ask you what you have come here for; You say: "To buy an ax for cutting wood in the mountains" ...Hidden deep in a haze of blossom, Swallow fledglings chirp at ease As they did when we parted, a year ago.... How grey our temples have grown since them! 031 五言古诗 韦应物 夕次盱眙县 落帆逗淮镇, 停舫临孤驿。 浩浩风起波, 冥冥日沈夕。 人归山郭暗, 雁下芦洲白。 独夜忆秦关, 听钟未眠客。 Five-character-ancient-verse Wei Yingwu MOORING AT TWILIGHT IN YUYI DISTRICT Furling my sail near the town of Huai, I find for harbour a little cove Where a sudden breeze whips up the waves. The sun is growing dim now and sinks in the dusk. People are coming home. The bright mountain-peak darkens. Wildgeese fly down to an island of white weeds. ...At midnight I think of a northern city-gate, And I hear a bell tolling between me and sleep. 032 五言古诗 韦应物 东郊 吏舍跼终年, 出郊旷清曙。 杨柳散和风, 青山澹吾虑。 依丛适自憩, 缘涧还复去。 微雨霭芳原, 春鸠鸣何处? 乐幽心屡止, 遵事迹犹遽; 终罢斯结庐, 慕陶真可庶。 Five-character-ancient-verse Wei Yingwu EAST OF THE TOWN From office confinement all year long, I have come out of town to be free this morning Where willows harmonize the wind And green hills lighten the cares of the world. I lean by a tree and rest myself Or wander up and down a stream. ...Mists have wet the fragrant meadows; A spring dove calls from some hidden place. ...With quiet surroundings, the mind is at peace, But beset with affairs, it grows restless again.... Here I shall finally build me a cabin, As Tao Qian built one long ago. 033 五言古诗 韦应物 送杨氏女 永日方戚戚, 出行复悠悠。 女子今有行, 大江溯轻舟。 尔辈苦无恃, 抚念益慈柔; 幼为长所育, 两别泣不休。 对此结中肠, 义往难复留。 自小阙内训, 事姑贻我忧; 赖兹托令门, 仁恤庶无尤。 贫俭诚所尚, 资从岂待周! 孝恭遵妇道, 容止顺其猷。 别离在今晨, 见尔当何秋? 居闲始自遣, 临感忽难收。 归来视幼女, 零泪缘缨流。 Five-character-ancient-verse Wei Yingwu TO MY DAUGHTER ON HER MARRIAGE INTO THE YANG FAMILY My heart has been heavy all day long Because you have so far to go. The marriage of a girl, away from her parents, Is the launching of a little boat on a great river. ...You were very young when your mother died, Which made me the more tender of you. Your elder sister has looked out for you, And now you are both crying and cannot part. This makes my grief the harder to bear; Yet it is right that you should go. ...Having had from childhood no mother to guide you, How will you honour your mother-in-law? It's an excellent family; they will be kind to you, They will forgive you your mistakes -- Although ours has been so pure and poor That you can take them no great dowry. Be gentle and respectful, as a woman should be, Careful of word and look, observant of good example. ...After this morning we separate, There's no knowing for how long.... I always try to hide my feelings -- They are suddenly too much for me, When I turn and see my younger daughter With the tears running down her cheek. 034 五言古诗 柳宗元 晨诣超师院读禅经 汲井漱寒齿, 清心拂尘服, 闲持贝叶书, 步出东斋读。 真源了无取, 忘迹世所逐; 遗言冀可冥, 缮性何由熟? 道人庭宇静, 苔色连深竹; 日出雾露余, 青松如膏沐。 澹然离言说, 悟悦心自足。 Five-character-ancient-verse Liu Zongyuan READING BUDDHIST CLASSICS WITH ZHAO AT HIS TEMPLE IN THE EARLY MORNING I clean my teeth in water drawn from a cold well; And while I brush my clothes, I purify my mind; Then, slowly turning pages in the Tree-Leaf Book, I recite, along the path to the eastern shelter. ...The world has forgotten the true fountain of this teaching And people enslave themselves to miracles and fables. Under the given words I want the essential meaning, I look for the simplest way to sow and reap my nature. Here in the quiet of the priest's templecourtyard, Mosses add their climbing colour to the thick bamboo; And now comes the sun, out of mist and fog, And pines that seem to be new-bathed; And everything is gone from me, speech goes, and reading, Leaving the single unison. 035 五言古诗 柳宗元 溪居 久为簪组累, 幸此南夷谪。 闲依农圃邻, 偶似山林客。 晓耕翻露草, 夜榜响溪石, 来往不逢人, 长歌楚天碧。 Five-character-ancient-verse Liu Zongyuan DWELLING BY A STREAM I had so long been troubled by official hat and robe That I am glad to be an exile here in this wild southland. I am a neighbour now of planters and reapers. I am a guest of the mountains and woods. I plough in the morning, turning dewy grasses, And at evening tie my fisher-boat, breaking the quiet stream. Back and forth I go, scarcely meeting anyone, And sing a long poem and gaze at the blue sky.