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001 五言古诗 张九龄 感遇其一 孤鸿海上来, 池潢不敢顾; 侧见双翠鸟, 巢在三珠树。 矫矫珍木巅, 得无金丸惧? 美服患人指, 高明逼神恶。 今我游冥冥, 弋者何所慕? Five-character-ancient-verse Zhang Jiuling THOUGHTS I A lonely swan from the sea flies, To alight on puddles it does not deign. Nesting in the poplar of pearls It spies and questions green birds twain: "Don't you fear the threat of slings, Perched on top of branches so high? Nice clothes invite pointing fingers, High climbers god's good will defy. Bird-hunters will crave me in vain, For I roam the limitless sky." 002 五言古诗 张九龄 感遇其二 兰叶春葳蕤, 桂华秋皎洁; 欣欣此生意, 自尔为佳节。 谁知林栖者? 闻风坐相悦, 草木有本心, 何求美人折? Five-character-ancient-verse Zhang Jiuling ORCHID AND ORANGE I Tender orchid-leaves in spring And cinnamon- blossoms bright in autumn Are as self- contained as life is, Which conforms them to the seasons. Yet why will you think that a forest-hermit, Allured by sweet winds and contented with beauty, Would no more ask to-be transplanted THan Would any other natural flower? 003 五言古诗 张九龄 感遇其三 幽人归独卧, 滞虑洗孤清, 持此谢高鸟, 因之传远情。 日夕怀空意, 人谁感至精? 飞沈理自隔, 何所慰吾诚? Five-character-ancient-verse Zhang Jiuling THOUGHTS III The hermit in his lone abode Nurses his thoughts cleansed of care, Them he projects to the wild goose For it to his distant Sovereign to bear. Who will be moved by the sincerity Of my vain day-and-night prayer? What comfort is for my loyalty When fliers and sinkers can compare? 004 五言古诗 张九龄 感遇其四 江南有丹橘, 经冬犹绿林; 岂伊地气暖? 自有岁寒心。 可以荐嘉客, 奈何阻重深? 运命惟所遇, 循环不可寻。 徒言树桃李, 此木岂无阴? Five-character-ancient-verse Zhang Jiuling ORCHID AND ORANGE II Here, south of the Yangzi, grows a red orangetree. All winter long its leaves are green, Not because of a warmer soil, But because its' nature is used to the cold. Though it might serve your honourable guests, You leave it here, far below mountain and river. Circumstance governs destiny. Cause and effect are an infinite cycle. You plant your peach-trees and your plums, You forget the shade from this other tree. 005 五言古诗 李白 下终南山过斛斯山人宿置酒 暮从碧山下, 山月随人归; 却顾所来径, 苍苍横翠微。 相携及田家, 童稚开荆扉; 绿竹入幽径, 青萝拂行衣。 欢言得所憩, 美酒聊共挥; 长歌吟松风, 曲尽河星稀。 我醉君复乐, 陶然共忘机。 Five-character-ancient-verse Li Bai DOWN ZHONGNAN MOUNTAIN TO THE KIND PILLOW AND BOWL OF HUSI Down the blue mountain in the evening, Moonlight was my homeward escort. Looking back, I saw my path Lie in levels of deep shadow.... I was passing the farm-house of a friend, When his children called from a gate of thorn And led me twining through jade bamboos Where green vines caught and held my clothes. And I was glad of a chance to rest And glad of a chance to drink with my friend.... We sang to the tune of the wind in the pines; And we finished our songs as the stars went down, When, I being drunk and my friend more than happy, Between us we forgot the world. 006 五言古诗 李白 月下独酌 花间一壶酒, 独酌无相亲; 举杯邀明月, 对影成三人。 月既不解饮, 影徒随我身; 暂伴月将影, 行乐须及春。 我歌月徘徊, 我舞影零乱; 醒时同交欢, 醉后各分散。 永结无情游, 相期邈云汉。 Five-character-ancient-verse Li Bai DRINKING ALONE WITH THE MOON From a pot of wine among the flowers I drank alone. There was no one with me -- Till, raising my cup, I asked the bright moon To bring me my shadow and make us three. Alas, the moon was unable to drink And my shadow tagged me vacantly; But still for a while I had these friends To cheer me through the end of spring.... I sang. The moon encouraged me. I danced. My shadow tumbled after. As long as I knew, we were boon companions. And then I was drunk, and we lost one another. ...Shall goodwill ever be secure? I watch the long road of the River of Stars. 007 五言古诗 李白 春思 燕草如碧丝, 秦桑低绿枝; 当君怀归日, 是妾断肠时。 春风不相识, 何事入罗帏? Five-character-ancient-verse Li Bai IN SPRING Your grasses up north are as blue as jade, Our mulberries here curve green-threaded branches; And at last you think of returning home, Now when my heart is almost broken.... O breeze of the spring, since I dare not know you, Why part the silk curtains by my bed? 008 五言古诗 杜甫 望岳 岱宗夫如何? 齐鲁青未了。 造化钟神秀, 阴阳割昏晓。 荡胸生层云, 决眥入归鸟。 会当凌绝顶, 一览众山小。 又作岳 Five-character-ancient-verse Du Fu A VIEW OF TAISHAN What shall I say of the Great Peak? -- The ancient dukedoms are everywhere green, Inspired and stirred by the breath of creation, With the Twin Forces balancing day and night. ...I bare my breast toward opening clouds, I strain my sight after birds flying home. When shall I reach the top and hold All mountains in a single glance? 009 五言古诗 杜甫 赠卫八处士 人生不相见, 动如参与商, 今夕复何夕? 共此灯烛光。 少壮能几时? 鬓发各已苍。 访旧半为鬼, 惊呼热中肠。 焉知二十载, 重上君子堂。 昔别君未婚, 儿女忽成行; 怡然敬父执, 问我来何方。 问答乃未已, 驱儿罗酒浆。 夜雨剪春韭, 新炊间黄粱。 主称会面难, 一举累十觞; 十觞亦不醉, 感子故意长。 明日隔山岳, 世事两茫茫。 Five-character-ancient-verse Du Fu TO MY RETIRED FRIEND WEI It is almost as hard for friends to meet As for the morning and evening stars. Tonight then is a rare event, Joining, in the candlelight, Two men who were young not long ago But now are turning grey at the temples. ...To find that half our friends are dead Shocks us, burns our hearts with grief. We little guessed it would be twenty years Before I could visit you again. When I went away, you were still unmarried; But now these boys and girls in a row Are very kind to their father's old friend. They ask me where I have been on my journey; And then, when we have talked awhile, They bring and show me wines and dishes, Spring chives cut in the night-rain And brown rice cooked freshly a special way. ...My host proclaims it a festival, He urges me to drink ten cups -- But what ten cups could make me as drunk As I always am with your love in my heart? ...Tomorrow the mountains will separate us; After tomorrow-who can say? 010 五言古诗 杜甫 佳人 绝代有佳人, 幽居在空谷; 自云良家子, 零落依草木。 关中昔丧乱, 兄弟遭杀戮; 官高何足论? 不得收骨肉。 世情恶衰歇, 万事随转烛。 夫婿轻薄儿, 新人美如玉。 合昏尚知时, 鸳鸯不独宿; 但见新人笑, 那闻旧人哭? 在山泉水清, 出山泉水浊。 侍婢卖珠回, 牵萝补茅屋。 摘花不插发, 采柏动盈掬。 天寒翠袖薄, 日暮倚修竹。 Five-character-ancient-verse Du Fu ALONE IN HER BEAUTY Who is lovelier than she? Yet she lives alone in an empty valley. She tells me she came from a good family Which is humbled now into the dust. ...When trouble arose in the Kuan district, Her brothers and close kin were killed. What use were their high offices, Not even shielding their own lives? -- The world has but scorn for adversity; Hope goes out, like the light of a candle. Her husband, with a vagrant heart, Seeks a new face like a new piece of jade; And when morning-glories furl at night And mandarin-ducks lie side by side, All he can see is the smile of the new love, While the old love weeps unheard. The brook was pure in its mountain source, But away from the mountain its waters darken. ...Waiting for her maid to come from selling pearls For straw to cover the roof again, She picks a few flowers, no longer for her hair, And lets pine-needles fall through her fingers, And, forgetting her thin silk sleeve and the cold, She leans in the sunset by a tall bamboo. 011 五言古诗 杜甫 梦李白之一 死别已吞声, 生别常恻恻。 江南瘴疠地, 逐客无消息。 故人入我梦, 明我长相忆; 君今在罗网, 何以有羽翼? 恐非平生魂, 路远不可测。 魂来枫林青, 魂返关塞黑; 落月满屋梁, 犹疑照颜色。 水深波浪阔, 无使蛟龙得。 Five-character-ancient-verse Du Fu SEEING Li Bai IN A DREAM I There are sobs when death is the cause of parting; But life has its partings again and again. ...From the poisonous damps of the southern river You had sent me not one sign from your exile -- Till you came to me last night in a dream, Because I am always thinking of you. I wondered if it were really you, Venturing so long a journey. You came to me through the green of a forest, You disappeared by a shadowy fortress.... Yet out of the midmost mesh of your snare, How could you lift your wings and use them? ...I woke, and the low moon's glimmer on a rafter Seemed to be your face, still floating in the air. ...There were waters to cross, they were wild and tossing; If you fell, there were dragons and rivermonsters. 012 五言古诗 杜甫 梦李白之二 浮云终日行, 游子久不至; 三夜频梦君, 情亲见君意。 告归常局促, 苦道来不易。 江湖多风波, 舟楫恐失坠。 出门搔白首, 若负平生志。 冠盖满京华, 斯人独憔悴。 孰云网恢恢? 将老身反累! 千秋万岁名, 寂寞身后事。 Five-character-ancient-verse Du Fu SEEING Li Bai IN A DREAM II This cloud, that has drifted all day through the sky, May, like a wanderer, never come back.... Three nights now I have dreamed of you -- As tender, intimate and real as though I were awake. And then, abruptly rising to go, You told me the perils of adventure By river and lake-the storms, the wrecks, The fears that are borne on a little boat; And, here in my doorway, you rubbed your white head As if there were something puzzling you. ...Our capital teems with officious people, While you are alone and helpless and poor. Who says that the heavenly net never fails? It has brought you ill fortune, old as you are. ...A thousand years' fame, ten thousand years' fame- What good, when you are dead and gone. 013 五言古诗 王维 送别 下马饮君酒, 问君何所之? 君言不得意, 归卧南山陲。 但去莫复闻, 白云无尽时。 又作问 Five-character-quatrain Wang Wei AT PARTING I dismount from my horse and I offer you wine, And I ask you where you are going and why. And you answer: "I am discontent And would rest at the foot of the southern mountain. So give me leave and ask me no questions. White clouds pass there without end." 014 五言古诗 王维 送綦毋潜落第还乡 圣代无隐者, 英灵尽来归, 遂令东山客, 不得顾采薇。 既至金门远, 孰云吾道非? 江淮度寒食, 京洛缝春衣。 置酒长安道, 同心与我违; 行当浮桂棹, 未几拂荆扉。 远树带行客, 孤城当落晖。 吾谋适不用, 勿谓知音稀? Five-character-quatrain Wang Wei TO QIWU QIAN BOUND HOME AFTER FAILING IN AN EXAMINATION In a happy reign there should be no hermits; The wise and able should consult together.... So you, a man of the eastern mountains, Gave up your life of picking herbs And came all the way to the Gate of Gold -- But you found your devotion unavailing. ...To spend the Day of No Fire on one of the southern rivers, You have mended your spring clothes here in these northern cities. I pour you the farewell wine as you set out from the capital -- Soon I shall be left behind here by my bosomfriend. In your sail-boat of sweet cinnamon-wood You will float again toward your own thatch door, Led along by distant trees To a sunset shining on a far-away town. ...What though your purpose happened to fail, Doubt not that some of us can hear high music. 015 五言古诗 王维 青溪 言入黄花川, 每逐青溪水; 随山将万转, 趣途无百里。 声喧乱石中, 色静深松里; 漾漾泛菱荇, 澄澄映葭苇。 我心素已闲, 清川澹如此。 请留盘石上, 垂钓将已矣! Five-character-quatrain Wang Wei A GREEN STREAM I have sailed the River of Yellow Flowers, Borne by the channel of a green stream, Rounding ten thousand turns through the mountains On a journey of less than thirty miles.... Rapids hum over heaped rocks; But where light grows dim in the thick pines, The surface of an inlet sways with nut-horns And weeds are lush along the banks. ...Down in my heart I have always been as pure As this limpid water is.... Oh, to remain on a broad flat rock And to cast a fishing-line forever! 016 五言古诗 王维 渭川田家 斜光照墟落, 穷巷牛羊归。 野老念牧童, 倚杖候荆扉。 雉雊麦苗秀, 蚕眠桑叶稀。 田夫荷锄立, 相见语依依。 即此羡闲逸, 怅然吟式微。 又作至 Five-character-quatrain Wang Wei A FARM-HOUSE ON THE WEI RIVER In the slant of the sun on the country-side, Cattle and sheep trail home along the lane; And a rugged old man in a thatch door Leans on a staff and thinks of his son, the herdboy. There are whirring pheasants? full wheat-ears, Silk-worms asleep, pared mulberry-leaves. And the farmers, returning with hoes on their shoulders, Hail one another familiarly. ...No wonder I long for the simple life And am sighing the old song, Oh, to go Back Again! 017 五言古诗 王维 西施咏 艳色天下重, 西施宁久微? 朝为越溪女, 暮作吴宫妃。 贱日岂殊众? 贵来方悟稀。 邀人傅脂粉, 不自著罗衣, 君宠益娇态, 君怜无是非。 当时浣纱伴, 莫得同车归。 持谢邻家子, 效颦安可希? Five-character-quatrain Wang Wei THE BEAUTIFUL XI SHI Since beauty is honoured all over the Empire, How could Xi Shi remain humbly at home? -- Washing clothes at dawn by a southern lake -- And that evening a great lady in a palace of the north: Lowly one day, no different from the others, The next day exalted, everyone praising her. No more would her own hands powder her face Or arrange on her shoulders a silken robe. And the more the King loved her, the lovelier she looked, Blinding him away from wisdom. ...Girls who had once washed silk beside her Were kept at a distance from her chariot. And none of the girls in her neighbours' houses By pursing their brows could copy her beauty.