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Lockers存储箱 NO SMOKING NO Snowboards RESTROOMS UPSTAIRS 严禁吸烟严禁滑雪厕所楼上 Return Carts Here For Your Safety And Convenience.为了您的安全便利将车还置此处 RIGHT LANE ONLY 右侧车道行驶 RIGHT LANE CLOSED AHEAD 前方右侧车道关闭 Ring Bell for Service 需要服务 请按铃 ROAD CLOSED 道路关闭 Room in Use 请勿打扰 SAFETY ZONE NO SHOOTING RESPECT LIFE AND PROPERTY 安全区 严禁射击 爱护生命和财产 SCHOOL BUS STOP AHEAD 前面校车站 SCHOOL BUSES ONLY 仅限校车 SCHOOL 学校 SPEED LIMIT 20 WHEN FLASHING 信号闪亮时 限速20英里 SEAFOOD 海鲜 SECURITY CHECK IN 安检 SECURITY OFFICE 保安部 Security Screening Requirements Laptop Computers Must Be Removed From Carry – On And Placed On X – Ray All Portable Electronic Devices, Keys, Coins And Other Metal Objects Should Be Placed On X – Ray Belt In Separate Container 安检要求:笔记本电脑从随身行李取出接受X光安检;便携电器、钥匙、其它金属物品置放单独箱合内后放X光安检传送带上 SECURITY VEHICLE ONLY 限安保车辆 SELF SERVE 自助服务 SELF SERVE AIR CAUTION: IT IS DANGEROUS TO OVERFILL TIRES KNOW AND FOLLOW MANUFACTURERS PRESSURE RECOMMENDATIONS USE TIRE GAUGE AVAILABLE INSIDE 自助充气服务:过量充气危险。请依照生产厂商的要求使用内置充气表 Self-Serve Debit and Credit Cards Only 自助服务请用借记与信用卡 No Cash Accepted No Cash On Premises 不接受现金不接受现金为前提 SENIOR CITIZEN PARKING ONLY 老年人专用停车场 SERVICE AREA ZOO EMPLOYEES ONLY 服务操作区 限员工进入 SHOE REPAIR 修鞋 SHOPPING CARTS RETURN 购物车归还处 Short Term Parking 短暂停车场 SHOULDER WORK AHEAD 前方搬运操作 SHUT OFF ENGINE BEFORE REFUELING 加油前关闭引擎 PLEASE TURN OFF ALL CELLULAR PHONES NEAR GAS PUMPS 加油泵附近 关停所有手机 SIDEWALK CLOSED USE OTHER SIDE 便道关闭 使用另侧便道 SKATEBOARDS AND ROLLERBLADES PROHIBITED 严禁滑板与旱冰运动 VIOLATORS WILL BE PROSECUTED 违者处罚 SKI RENTALS 雪橇租赁 SKI SCHOOL 滑雪学校 SKI SHOP 滑雪器械商店 SLOW CHILDREN 儿童 减速 Smoke – Free 禁烟区 THE UNIVERSITY UNION IS SMOKE FREE 校区为禁烟区 BIKES ,ROLLERBLADES,DOGS AND PETS NOT ALLOWED . 禁止骑自行车、着旱冰鞋者、宠物进入 SNOW AVALANCHE AREA NEXT 1 MILE 一公里处为雪崩发生区 SOFT DRINKS 软饮料 CANDY SNACKS 小吃甜品 PRIVATE PROPERTY 私人财产 SORRY NO VACANCY 抱歉 客满 Sorry We cannot accept personal checks. 谢绝接受个人支票 Sorry We Don’t Have Restrooms 抱歉 此处没有卫生间 SOUVENIRS 纪念品 SPECIAL ALL DAY 10 HOURS (7AM – 5PM) S 100 全天特价 SPECIAL TODAY 今日特价 SPEED LIMIT 25 限速 25 SPEED LIMIT 25 RADAR PATROLLED限速 25 雷达测速区 STAFFENTRY 员工入口 NO ADMITTANCE 禁止入内 STAFF ONLY 闲人免进 STAIR #4 EXIT 楼梯 4号出口 STAIRS 楼梯 STAND CLEAR AUTOMATIC SLIDING DOOR 自动滑门 请勿停留 Stand on Right 右侧站立 Pass on Left 左侧通过 STATE LAW YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS 本州法律 行人优先 STAY ON DESIGATED TRAIL各行其道 STOP HERE ON RED 红灯在此停车 STOP NO STROLLERS OR ANY WHEELED VEHICLES ALLOWED ON ESCALATORS 停 扶梯严禁婴儿车及其它车具使用 PROCEED SLOWLY 慢速行进 STORE HOURS MON – FRI 6AM – 9PM 营业时间 STORM DRAIN 泄水沟 SUPERIOR SNOW AVALANCHE AREA NO PARKING OR STANDING 雪崩高发区 严禁停车 停留 TAXI STAND 出租车站 TAXI ZONE 出租上下站 Telephone 电话 TELEPHONE AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY 电话 闲人免进 TELEVISION RADIO NEWS ROOM 电视 广播新闻间 Temporarily out of service when lit 指示灯亮时服务临时中止 TENANT ENTRANCE ONLY 房客出入口 Thank You for keeping off the grass 请勿践踏草坪 Thank You For Keeping Your Voices Down 请勿大声喧哗 Thank You for Not Letting Your Children Play on the Escalators 请勿让您的孩子在扶梯上玩耍 THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION! Funds received in this donation box will be used to purchase playground equipment for the park. 谢谢你的捐助!本募捐箱所得捐助将用于儿童公园游乐设施的购置 Thank You TRASH Push Here 垃圾 推此处 谢谢 THE BIRDS HAVE FLOWN SOUTH FOR THE WINTER 鸟群南飞越冬 FEDERAL LAW 49 CFR 37. 157 REOUIRES THESE SEATS MUST BE VACATED FOR SENIORS AND DISABLED PERSONS 联邦法规定此处坐椅限老年人和残疾人使用 This area will be locked at 5:00pm 本区域下午5点关闭 THIS DOOR MUST REMAIN CLOSED AT ALL TIMES 此门必须24小时保持关闭 THIS HILL CLOSED TO PUBLIC ACCESS DUE TO THE TORNADO DAMAGE 由于飓风造成的破坏 此山不对公众开放 THIS IS A NON – SMOKING FACILITY 非吸烟设施 SMOKING AREAS – SOUTH PLAZA ONLY 吸烟仅限南商厦 THIS IS A SECURE AREA. IDENTIFICATION MUST BE DISPLAYED AT ALL TIMES. 安检区 请佩带身份证件 THIS IS A SMOKE FREE STATION 无烟车站 THIS IS NOT A PASSENGER ELEVATOR. 非载客电梯 DO NOT USE UNLESS YOU ARE TRANSPORTING FREIGHT. 货运使用 THIS PARK CLOSES AT 11:00 P.M. 本公园晚11点关闭 THIS ROLL–UP DOOR MUST REMAIN SHUT 卷门必须保持关闭 TICKET PROBLEMS 票务处理 TIRE SALES 轮胎销售 TO CROSS STREET PUSH BUTTON WAIT FOR WALK SIGNAL 穿越马路 按下按纽 等候通行信号 TO CROSS STREET PUSH BUTTON WAIT FOR WALK穿越马路按下按纽等候通行信号 TO INSURE THE SAFETY OF ALL WHO USE THS CAMPUS, THE USE OF THE FOLLOWING IS PROHIBITED: 为了校园区域内人员安全 请勿使用 To Terminal 至终点 To Trains EXIT Tours Start Here 发车站 TOW – AWAY NO STOPPING ANYTIME For Towed Cars Phone 严禁停车 违者拖走 联系电话 TOW – AWAY ZONE严禁停车 违者拖走 TOY SALE 玩具销售 TRAFFIC CONGESTED AREA 交通阻塞区域 NO VEHICLE MAY PASS 禁行(任何车辆) TRASH 垃圾 TRUCK PARKING 货车停车场 TRUCK ROUTE 货车道 TURN OFF ENGINE NO SMOKING 关闭引擎 严禁吸烟 TURNING VEHICLES YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS 拐弯车辆 礼让行人 TWO WAY TRAFFIC BEGINS HERE 双车道起始处 UNAUTHORIZED VEHICLES WILL BE TOWED AWAY AT OWNERS EXPENSE 擅自停车 一律拖走 费用自负 Under18? We ID for Tobacco Sales. Thank you for your patience 18岁以下? 购买香烟清楚出示身份证明 谢谢 Under19 No Tobacco We Card 19岁以下 谢绝购烟 UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE 大学书店 University vehicles Only 仅限本校车辆 UNLOADING ZONE ONLY 卸货区 NO PARKING 严禁停车 UP上行(电梯) ARMY PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING 军事设施 严禁穿行 U.S. MAIL 美国邮政 USE CAUTION ALWAYS OPERATE IN A SLOW AND SAFE MANNER SAFETY FIRST 使用 注意 慢速安全操作安全第一 USE OTHER DOOR 请走其它门 VALIDATED PARKING 未经准许 不得停车 VAN ACCESSIBLE HANDICAP PARKING VIOLATORS WILL BE TOWED AT OWNERS EXPENSE 面包车通行? 残疾人停车场 违者 车拖走 费自负 VEHICLES TOWING TRAILERS AND VEHICLES OVER 12.000 G.V.W. PROHIBITED IN LEFT LANE 左侧车道禁行拖车与超12 000 GVW车辆 VISITOR CENTER GIFT & BOOK SHOP 游客中心 礼品与书店 VISITOR INFO 89 旅游问讯 Visitor Information 旅游问讯 VISITOR INFORMATION GIFT SHOP 旅游问讯 礼品店 Visitor Information Gift Shop Administrative Offices 旅游问讯礼品店办公室 VISITOR PARKING 30 MINUTE 访客停车 限时30分 VISITOR PARKING 访客停车 WARNING 警告 AUTOS ONLY 仅限机动车 No Pedestrians 禁行行人 No Motorcycles"禁行摩托车 No Bicycles 禁行自行车 WARNING注意 AUTOS ONLY 机动车通行 No Pedestrians行人禁行 No Motorcycles禁行摩托车"No Bicycles禁行自行车 WARNING CONTINUOUS ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE Honeywell 注意连续电子监测 WARNING DRUG FREE ZONE CRIMINAL PENALTIES ARE SEVERELY INCREASEL FOR THE SALE, POSSESSION, POSSESSION OR SALE AND TRANSPORTATION OF DRUGS 注意 毒品禁区 销售、拥有、运输毒品将受到法律严厉惩罚 WARNING 注意ESCALATORS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS 电梯危险AREAS……DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO PLAY ON ESCALATORS . 切勿让儿童在扶梯上玩耍 WARNING GAS PIPELINE 注意 煤气管线 WARNING HIGH SPEED TRAINS 注意高速列车 DO NOT STOP ON TRACKS OR GO AROUND CROSSING GATES 严禁在轨道上停车 或在道口调头 WARNING It is unlawful and dangerous to dispense gasoline into unapproved containers. 注意 擅自将汽油倒入未经获准使用的容器中危险、 违法 WARNING NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH PROGRAM IN FORCE 注意邻里治安联防在行动 WARNING! NO TRESPASSING THIS IS PRIVATE PROPERTY 注意 严禁穿行 私人财产 WARNING! SECURITY DOG 注意 警犬 WARNING SEVERE TIRE DAMAGE DO NOT BACK UP 注意轮胎严重坏损切勿靠近 WARNING The consumption of alcoholic beverages purchased in this establishment may be hazardous to your health and the safety of others. 注意 此处购买的酒精饮料可能危害您的身体和他人的安全 WARNING! THIS HOME IS PROTECTED! Valuables within are marked and identified. 注意 本房产受到保护 内部珍贵物品均标记登录 WASTE 废物 Watch For Pedestrians 注意行人 WATCH REPAIR 修表 WATCH YOUR HEAD 小心碰头 WATCH YOUR STEP 小心脚下 Water is the only beverage allowed in this classroom 教室内只允许饮用水 Thanks for your cooperation 谢谢您的合作 WATER METER 水表 WATER NOT SAFE FOR DRINKING 不适饮用水 WE CARE!” We Want Your Comments!” CALL US! We Appreciate Your Business. 我们关注!欢迎批评! We do not sell Beer or Any Alcoholic Beverages After 1:00 a.m. Thank You! 夜间1点后概不销售啤酒和酒精饮料。谢谢! We Have Moved! 已搬迁! WE RENT TOOLS 工具租赁 WELCOME! OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 欢迎! 对公众开放 Welcome to DOWNTOWN 欢迎光临市中心 WELCOME TO OUR SMOKE FREE FACILITY 欢迎光临无烟设施 Wheelchair Entrance Only 轮椅入口 WHEELCHAIR RIDERS HAVE PRIORITY IN THIS AREA 轮椅使用者优先区域 WHEEL CHAIRS AVAILABLE ASK at Service Desk 需要轮椅 服务台要 WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS ONLY CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC 批发销售谢绝参观 WOMEN EMPLOYEES ONLY 限女员工 NOTICE DO NOT LOAD OVER TOP OF CONTAINER 注意切勿在容器顶部堆放物品 YARD SALE 庭院摊市 YOUR CAR HAS BEEN TOWED AWAY CALL CARTOW 531 – 0268 您的车已被拖走(拖车)交通管理电话 ZOO DIETS ARE GREAT! PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS 动物园饲养有方 请勿向动物投食 ZOO EMPLOYEES ONLY 闲人免进 (动物园员工除外) Alert Level 警报级别 Severe 局势严重 High 高度戒备 Elevated 危机上升 Guaranteed控制之中 Low 安全保障 闭路电视监控区CCTV in Operation 危险:有电Danger:Electrical Energy 严禁酒后驾驶Don’t Drink and Drive 保持锁闭Keep Locked 下班车Next Train 严禁吸烟 关停发动机No Smoking,Stop Motor 非高峰时段停车站Off-hour Train Stop 暂停服务Out of Service 父母室(专为喂奶、换尿布准备的房间)Parents’ room 比赛延期Play suspended 污染区域Polluted area 油价显示Price Watch 站队等候Stand in Line 体温检测站Temperature Check Station 排队等候Wait in Line 警告:强急流Warning:Strong Current 可以掉头U Turn Ok 不准张贴No Bills 恕不出售Not for Sale 置于阴凉处Keep In Shade 避光保存Keep in Dark Place 谨防扒手Beware of Pickpocket 意见箱Complaint Box 禁止打猎Shooting Prohibited 对号入座Seat by Number 请擦去鞋上的泥土Wipe Your Shoes And Boots 禁止小便 Commit No Nuisance 净重Net(Weight) 生产日期:2002年3月25日MAN:25032002 失效期:2002年3月25日EXP:25032002 妇女、儿童优先Children and Women First 节约粮食Save Food 节约能源Save Energy 当心不要丢失东西Take Care, Not to Leave Things Behind 行李存放处Luggage Depository 小心有狗Beware of the Dog 小心院内有狗Caution! Dog In Yard 警犬值班Guard Dog On Duty 警告:此地有恶犬Warning - Bad Dog 请关大门Please Close the Gate 非请莫入No Trespassing 切勿进入Keep Out 严禁狗便No Dog Pooping 禁止携犬入内Dogs Not Allowed 宠狗便后,敬请铲除If Your Dog Poops Please Scoop 注意收捡狗便Pick Up After Your Dog 严禁狗便溺No Dog Peeing 犬只勿踏草坪Keep Dogs Off Lawn 勿踏草坪Keep Off the Grass 小心有猫Beware of Cat 小心狗袭Beware of Attack Dog 小心狗亲Beware of Friendly Dog 小心爬行动物Beware of Reptiles 小心动物Beware of Animals 小心犬只(生育期间)Beware of Dog (Breeds) 小心:聋犬Caution Deaf Dog 小心:盲犬Caution Blind Dog 欢迎宠物Pets Welcome 残疾人设施Facilities for disabled person 入口Way in 卡拉OK厅 Karaoke bar 走失儿童认领Lost children 安静Silence 上楼楼梯Stairs up 下楼楼梯Stairs down 当心弧光Caution, arc 当心塌方Caution, collapse 当心坠落Caution, drop down 当心落物Caution, falling objects 当心裂变物质Caution, fission matter 当心吊物Caution, hanging 当心坑洞Caution, hole 当心感染Caution, infection 当心电离辐射Caution, ionizing radiation 当心激光Caution, laser 当心机械扎伤Caution, mechanical injury 当心微波Caution, microwave 当心冒顶Caution, roof fall 当心烫伤Caution, scald 当心扎脚Caution, splinter