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195 七言律诗 刘长卿 江州重别薛六柳八二员外 生涯岂料承优诏? 世事空知学醉歌。 江上月明胡雁过, 淮南木落楚山多。 寄身且喜沧洲近, 顾影无如白发何! 今日龙钟人共老, 愧君犹遣慎风波。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seven-character-regular-verse Liu Changquing ON LEAVING GUIJIANG AGAIN TO XUE AND LIU Dare I, at my age, accept my summons, Knowing of the world's ways only wine and song?.... Over the moon-edged river come wildgeese from the Tartars; And the thinner the leaves along the Huai, the wider the southern mountains.... I ought to be glad to take my old bones back to the capital, But what am I good for in that world, with my few white hairs?.... As bent and decrepit as you are, I am ashamed to thank you, When you caution me that I may encounter thunderbolts. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 196 七言律诗 刘长卿 长沙过贾谊宅 三年谪宦此栖迟, 万古惟留楚客悲。 秋草独寻人去后, 寒林空见日斜时。 汉文有道恩犹薄, 湘水无情吊岂知? 寂寂江山摇落处, 怜君何事到天涯? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seven-character-regular-verse Liu Changqing ON PASSING JIA YI'S HOUSE IN CHANGSHA Here, where you spent your three years' exile, To be mourned in Chu ten thousand years, Can I trace your footprint in the autumn grass -- Or only slanting sunlight through the bleak woods? If even good Emperor Wen was cold-hearted, Could you hope that the dull river Xiang would understand you, These desolate waters, these taciturn mountains, When you came, like me, so far away? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 197 七言律诗 刘长卿 自夏口至鹦洲夕望岳阳寄源中丞 汀洲无浪复无烟, 楚客相思益渺然。 汉口夕阳斜渡鸟, 洞庭秋水远连天。 孤城背岭寒吹角, 独戍临江夜泊船。 贾谊上书忧汉室, 长沙谪去古今怜。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seven-character-regular-verse Liu Changqing AN EVENING VIEW OF THE CITY OF YOUZHOU AFTER COMING FROM HANKOU TO PARROT ISLAND A POEM SENT TO MY FRIEND GOVERNOR YUAN No ripples in the river, no mist on the islands, Yet the landscape is blurred toward my friend in Chu.... Birds in the slanting sun cross Hankou, And the autumn sky mingles with Lake Dongting. ...From a bleak mountain wall the cold tone of a bugle Reminds me, moored by a ruined fort, That Jia Yi's loyal plea to the House of Han Banned him to Changsha, to be an exile. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 198 七言律诗 钱起 赠阙下裴舍人 二月黄鹂飞上林, 春城紫禁晓阴阴。 长乐钟声花外尽, 龙池柳色雨中深。 阳和不散穷途恨, 霄汉长怀捧日心。 献赋十年犹未遇, 羞将白发对华簪。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seven-character-regular-verse Qian Qi TO MY FRIEND AT THE CAPITAL SECRETARY PEI Finches flash yellow through the Imperial Grove Of the Forbidden City, pale with spring dawn; Flowers muffle a bell in the Palace of Bliss And rain has deepened the Dragon Lake willows; But spring is no help to a man bewildered, Who would be like a cloud upholding the Light of Heaven, Yet whose poems, ten years refused, are shaming These white hairs held by the petalled pin. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 199 七言律诗 韦应物 寄李儋元锡 去年花里逢君别, 今日花开又一年。 世事茫茫难自料, 春愁黯黯独成眠。 身多疾病思田里, 邑有流亡愧俸钱。 闻道欲来相问讯, 西楼望月几回圆。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seven-character-regular-verse Wei Yingwu TO MY FRIENDS LI DAN AND YUANXI We met last among flowers, among flowers we parted, And here, a year later, there are flowers again; But, with ways of the world too strange to foretell, Spring only brings me grief and fatigue. I am sick, and I think of my home in the country- Ashamed to take pay while so many are idle. ...In my western tower, because of your promise, I have watched the full moons come and go. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 200 七言律诗 韩翃 同题仙游观 仙台初见五城楼, 风物凄凄宿雨收。 山色遥连秦树晚, 砧声近报汉宫秋。 疏松影落空坛静, 细草香闲小洞幽。 何用别寻方外去? 人间亦自有丹丘。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seven-character-regular-verse Han Hong INSCRIBED IN THE TEMPLE OF THE WANDERING GENIE I face, high over this enchanted lodge, the Court of the Five Cities of Heaven, And I see a countryside blue and still, after the long rain. The distant peaks and trees of Qin merge into twilight, And Had Palace washing-stones make their autumnal echoes. Thin pine-shadows brush the outdoor pulpit, And grasses blow their fragrance into my little cave. ...Who need be craving a world beyond this one? Here, among men, are the Purple Hills -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 201 七言律诗 皇甫冉 春思 莺啼燕语报新年, 马邑龙堆路几千。 家住层城邻汉苑, 心随明月到胡天。 机中锦字论长恨, 楼上花枝笑独眠。 为问天戎窦车骑, 何时返旆勒燕然。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seven-character-regular-verse Huangfu Ran SPRING THOUGHTS Finch-notes and swallow-notes tell the new year.... But so far are the Town of the Horse and the Dragon Mound From this our house, from these walls and Han Gardens, That the moon takes my heart to the Tartar sky. I have woven in the frame endless words of my grieving.... Yet this petal-bough is smiling now on my lonely sleep. Oh, ask General Dou when his flags will come home And his triumph be carved on the rock of Yanran mountain! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 202 七言律诗 卢纶 晚次鄂州 云开远见汉阳城, 犹是孤帆一日程。 估客昼眠知浪静, 舟人夜语觉潮生。 三湘愁鬓逢秋色, 万里归心对月明。 旧业已随征战尽, 更堪江上鼓鼙声。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seven-character-regular-verse Lu Lun A NIGHT-MOORING AT WUCHANG Far off in the clouds stand the walls of Hanyang, Another day's journey for my lone sail.... Though a river-merchant ought to sleep in this calm weather, I listen to the tide at night and voices of the boatmen. ...My thin hair grows wintry, like the triple Xiang streams, Three thousand miles my heart goes, homesick with the moon; But the war has left me nothing of my heritage -- And oh, the pang of hearing these drums along the river! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 203 七言律诗 柳宗元 登柳州城楼寄漳汀封连四州刺史 城上高楼接大荒, 海天愁思正茫茫。 惊风乱飐芙蓉水, 密雨斜侵薜荔墙。 岭树重遮千里目, 江流曲似九回肠。 共来百越文身地, 犹自音书滞一乡。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seven-character-regular-verse Liu Zongyuan FROM THE CITY-TOWER OF LIUZHOU TO MY FOUR FELLOW-OFFICIALS AT ZHANG, DING, FENG, AND LIAN DISTRICTS At this lofty tower where the town ends, wilderness begins; And our longing has as far to go as the ocean or the sky.... Hibiscus-flowers by the moat heave in a sudden wind, And vines along the wall are whipped with slanting rain. Nothing to see for three hundred miles but a blur of woods and mountain -- And the river's nine loops, twisting in our bowels.... This is where they have sent us, this land of tattooed people -- And not even letters, to keep us in touch with home. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 204 七言律诗 刘禹锡 西塞山怀古 王浚楼船下益州, 金陵王气黯然收。 千寻铁锁沈江底, 一片降旛出石头。 人世几回伤往事, 山形依旧枕寒流。 从今四海为家日, 故垒萧萧芦荻秋。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seven-character-regular-verse Liu Yuxi THOUGHTS OF OLD TIME AT WEST FORT MOUNTAIN Since Wang Jun brought his towering ships down from Yizhou, The royal ghost has pined in the city of Nanjing. Ten thousand feet of iron chain were sunk here to the bottom -- And then came the flag of surrender on the Wall of Stone.... Cycles of change have moved into the past, While still this mountain dignity has commanded the cold river; And now comes the day of the Chinese world united, And the old forts fill with ruin and with autumn reeds. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 205 七言律诗 元稹 遣悲怀之一 谢公最小偏怜女, 自嫁黔娄百事乖。 顾我无衣搜荩箧, 泥他沽酒拔金钗。 野蔬充膳甘长藿, 落叶添薪仰古槐。 今日俸钱过十万, 与君营奠复营斋。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seven-character-regular-verse Yuan Zhen AN ELEGY I O youngest, best-loved daughter of Xie, Who unluckily married this penniless scholar, You patched my clothes from your own wicker basket, And I coaxed off your hairpins of gold, to buy wine with; For dinner we had to pick wild herbs -- And to use dry locust-leaves for our kindling. ...Today they are paying me a hundred thousand -- And all that I can bring to you is a temple sacrifice. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 206 七言律诗 元稹 遣悲怀之二 昔日戏言身后事, 今朝都到眼前来。 衣裳已施行看尽, 针线犹存未忍开。 尚想旧情怜婢仆, 也曾因梦送钱财。 诚知此恨人人有, 贫贱夫妻百事哀。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seven-character-regular-verse Yuan Zhen AN ElEGY II We joked, long ago, about one of us dying, But suddenly, before my eyes, you are gone. Almost all your clothes have been given away; Your needlework is sealed, I dare not look at it.... I continue your bounty to our men and our maids -- Sometimes, in a dream, I bring you gifts. ...This is a sorrow that all mankind must know -- But not as those know it who have been poor together. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 207 七言律诗 元稹 遣悲怀之三 闲坐悲君亦自悲, 百年都是几多时? 邓攸无子寻知命, 潘岳悼亡犹费词。 同穴窅冥何所望? 他生缘会更难期。 惟将终夜长开眼, 报答平生未展眉。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Seven-character-regular-verse Yuan Zhen AN ELEGY III I sit here alone, mourning for us both. How many years do I lack now of my threescore and ten? There have been better men than I to whom heaven denied a son, There was a poet better than I whose dead wife could not hear him. What have I to hope for in the darkness of our tomb? You and I had little faith in a meeting after death- Yet my open eyes can see all night That lifelong trouble of your brow. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------