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Letter 1 Dear Sir, Having heard that the situation of salesman in your company is vacant. I wish to offer my services for it. I have worked as a vehicle salesman for XX Co. for the past four years. Before my present employment, I worked for the Department Store as a salesclerk in the electrical section. I would like to make a change now because I feel that I can go no further in my present job, I feel that my training should enable me to advance into a better and more responsible position, and it appears that this will not be forthcoming at my present position. I hope to have the pleasure of your granting me an interview. Sincerely yours, 求职信之一 敬启者: 据悉贵公司推销员一职出缺,特备函应征。 本人在过去四年在XX公司担任汽车推销员。担任此职前,曾在某百货公司推销电器。自感目前工作发展并不乐观,拟改变一下工作环境。自信以本人的能力和所受的训练,应当获得更大回报,谋得更高职位,而就目前工作来看,将来不会有多大发展前途。 恳请惠予面谈为盼。 XX启 Letter 2 Dear Sir, I have been told by Mr. John, Manager of the Business Book Publishing, with whom I believe you are acquainted, that you are expecting to make some additions to your company in September. I should like to be considered an applicant for one of these positions. I have had five years of varied experience in the book business.The companies for which I have worked have given me permission to refer you to them for information about the quality of the work I did while in their employ. In addition, I believe that my English is good enough for your needs. My typing speed is about 80 words. If you desire an interview, I shall be most happy to call in person, on any day and at any time you may appoint. Very truly yours, 求职信之二 敬启者: 据商业图书出版社经理约翰先生称,贵公司拟于今年九月份职员若干名,本人拟参加此等职务应征。 本人曾从事商业图书工作达五年之久,积累了丰富的经验。我现任职的公司已同意向阁下提供有关我在该公司服务的资料。 此外,本人自信英文能力颇强,可以符合贵公司的需要。鄙人英文打字速度每分钟80个字。 如贵公司有意面试,本人一定遵照所指定的时日,前往拜访。 XX启 Letter 3 Dear Sir, I am looking for a job. I graduate from Shanghai Commercial College and my major is business management. I am just over twenty-four years of age and have left college about three months ago, during which time I have been striving to make myself proficient in shorthand and typewriting, and have attained a speed of ninety and seventy words a minute respectively. I believe that I can fulfil the requirements in your company. I hope you will be able to place me somewhere. Thank you in advance for your consideration and courtesy. Sincerely yours, 求职信之三 敬启者: 我希望能在贵公司谋得一份职业。我毕业于上海商学院,主修商业管理。 我今年刚满24岁,三个月前离开校门。求学期间还曾努力训练速记与打字,现在速记及打字各为每分钟90字和70字。 我相信我可以担任贵公司的任何工作,如蒙录用,愿意随时接受阁下指派。 承蒙阁下的关怀和礼遇,至此表示感谢。 XX启 Letter 4 Dear Sir, I have learned that you are looking for an engineer has had some general experience in business and I desire to apply for the position. I am twenty-three years of age and graduated from the University of Michigan of the class of 1997. For the past two years I was employed as an assistant to the chief engineer of the American Food Corporation. My duties included compiling reports for the chief engineer on production in the various departments. I desire to get a position in Now York, hoping to save time in the traffic. I am enclosing my resume and a recent photo. I should be glad to have a personal interview and can furnish if desired. Sincerely yours, 求职信之四 敬启者: 本人获悉贵公司正在招聘一名具备一般商业经验的工程师,特备函申请此空缺。 我今年23岁,一九九七年毕业于密执安州州立大学。过去两年中受雇于美国食品公司,担任总工程师助理,职责是为主任工程师编写各生产部门的报告。因希望节省交通时间,故想在纽约谋得一职。随函寄上简历表及近照各一份。 如获面试,则感幸甚。如需保证人,本人也可提供。 XX启 Letter 5 Dear Sir, I am a graduate student at New York University, my major is American literature. I have been referred to you by my major advisor at college as a source of possible assistance in finding employment in the United States. I was employed as editor on a weekly newspaper. I have considerable editorial experience and am familiar with proofreading, rewriting, and production, as well as the more creative aspects of this type of work. So I hope you will be able to help me find this sort of employment, not only because I need the money, but also because this type of job would give me an opportunity to improve my ability. Thank you in advance for your concern and attention. Please let me hear from you as soon as possible. Respectfully yours, 求职信之五 敬启者: 本人目前就读于纽约大学主修美国文学。 我的导师谅必已将我的工作能力转告给您。 我曾受雇于一家周报担任编辑工作,我具有编辑经验,并熟悉校对、改写、出版以及相关的各项工作。故希望阁下能鼎力相助谋此类工作,不仅是因为本人目前手头拮据,而且我相信此类工作有助于我工作能力的提高。 预先感谢阁下对我的关怀,并敬请尽速赐 函示知。 XX启