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A AA always afloat 始终保持浮泊 a.a.r. against all risks 保一切险 AC account current 往来账户 A/C for account of 为…代销 Acc. acceptance; accepted 接受 ACCDG According to 根据 ACCT Account 账,因为 ACOL After completion of lading 装货结束后 a.d. a/d After date 在指定日期后 ADDCOM Address commission 回扣佣金 Add-on …tariff(also proportional rate or arbitrary[in USA]) 费率(美国对非基本港口附加费) Ad val.(a/v) ad valorem (according to value) 从价 ADN European Provisions concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods on Inland Waterway 内河危险品国际运输欧洲规则 ADP Automated data processing 自动数据处理 ADR European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road 公路危险货物运输欧洲协定 ADV Advise 告知 AETR European Agreement concerning the work of crews of vehicles engaged in international road transport 从事国际公路运输车辆从业人员工作的欧洲协定 AFRA average freight rate assessment 平均运费指数 AFLWS As follows 如下 Agcy agency 代理公司 Agt agent 代理人 AGW All goes weight 一切顺利 a.g.w.t. actual gross weight 实际毛重(总重) AHPS Arrival harbor pilot station 到达港口引航站 AIMS American Institute of Merchant Shipping 美国商船航运学会 AMT Air Mail Transfer 航空信汇 ANCH Anchorage 锚地 ANS Answer 回答 A.O. account of …..账上 AOH After office hours 工作时间外 A/or and/or 及/或者 A/P account paid 账目付讫 AP Additional premium 附加保险费 approx. approximately 近似,约计 APS Arrival pilot station 到达引航站 A/R all risks (insurance) 一切险 Arr arrival 到达(到港) Arrd. arrived 已到达 A/s after sight 见票后付款(汇票) A/S alongside 在旁(船边) ASAP as soon as possible 尽快 ASBA Association of Shipbrokers and Agents,Inc. (美国)船舶经纪人和代理人协会 ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange 美国信息交换标准代码 ASPS Arrival Sea Pilot Station 到达海区引航站 ASS associate 合伙人 ATA actual time of arrival 实际到达时间 ATD actual time of departure 实际离开时间 ATDNSHINC Any time,day,night,Sundays and holidays included 包括任何时间,白天,夜间,星期天和节假日 ATP Agreement for the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs 易腐食品国际运输公约 ATS All time saved 所有节省时间 ATSBE All time saved both ends 所有两港节省时间 ATSDO All time daved discharging only 所有卸货港节省时间 ATSLO All time saved lading only 所有装货港节省时间 Atty attorney 代理人,律师 auth authorized 授权的,许可的 Aux Auxiliary 辅助的,附件 av average 平均 AWB Air Waybill 空运单 AWTS All working time saved 所有节省的工作时间 AWTSBE All working time saved both ends 所有两港节省的工作时间 AWTSDO All working time saved discharging only 所有卸货港节省的工作时间 AWTSLO All working time saved loading only 所有装货港节省的工作时间 B B.A.C. bunker adjustment charge 燃油附加费 B.A.F. bunker adjustment factor 燃油附加费 Bags/BULK part in bags,part in bulk 袋装部分,散装部分 BB Ballast bonus 空航奖金(空放补贴) BBB Before breaking bulk 卸货前 B.C. bulk cargo 散货 B/D bank (er’s) draft 银行汇票 b.d.i. both dates (days) inclusive 包括首尾两日 bdth. breadth 宽度 Bdy. Boundary 边界 BENDS Both ends 两端(装货和卸货港) B/G Bonded goods 保税货物 BIMCO Baltic International Maritime Conference 波罗的海国际航运工会 BIZ Business 业务 Bkge brokerage 经纪费,佣金 B/L bill of loading 提单 Blk. Bulk 散(装)货 Brl. Boiler 锅炉 BLT Built 建造 BOD Bunker of Delivery 交燃油 BOR Bunker of Redelivery 接燃油 BRL Barrel 桶(英,美容积单位) B/S Bill of sale 卖契 BBS Basis 基础 BT Berth terms 泊位条款 BV Bureau Veritas(French Ship Classification Society) 法国船级社 B.W. bonded warehouse 保税仓库 Bxs. boxes 盒,箱 C CAC currency adjustment charge 货币(贬值)附加费 CAConf Cargo Agency Conference (IATA) 货物代理会议(国际航空运输协会) CAD cash against documents 凭单据付款 CAF Currency adjustment factor 货币贬值附加费 CAP Capacity 容量,能力 CAPT Captain 船长 CAS currency adjustment surcharge 货币贬值附加费 CASS Cargo Accounts Settlement System (IATA) 货物结算系统(国际航空运输协会) C.B. container base 集装箱基地 CBF Cubic Feet 立方英尺 c.& d. collection and delivery 收运费交货 c.b.d. cash before delivery 付款后交货 cbm cubic metre 立方米 cc charges collect 货到付款 CCL customs clearance 结关 CCS consolidated cargo (contaiver) service 集货(集装箱拼装货服务) ccx collect 货到付款 C/D customs declaration 海关申报单 CEM European conference on goods train Timetables 货车时刻表欧洲会议 CEVNI European code for Inland Waterways 欧洲内河航道代码 CFM Confirm 确认 CFR Cost and freight (Incoterms) 成本加运费(国际贸易术语解释通则) CFS container freight station 集装箱货运站 CGO Cargo 货物 C.H. carriers haulage 集装箱承运人接运 C.H.C. cargo handling charges 货物操作(装卸)费 Ch.fwd. charges forward 运费等货到后由收货人自付 CHOPT Charterer’s option 租方选择 CHTRS Charterers 租船人 c.i.a. cash in advance 预支现金 CIF cost, insurance and freight (Incoterms) 到岸价(成本,保险费,运费) c.i.f.& e. cost,insurance,freight and exchange 货价,保险费,运费,货币兑换 c.i.f.i. & e. cost,insurance,,freight,interest and exchange 货价,保险费,运费,利息兑换 c.i.f. & i. cost,insurance,freight, and interest 货价,保险费,运费,利息 c.i.f. & c. cost, insurance, freight and commission 货价,保险费,运费,佣金 c.i.f.c. & e. cost, insurance, freight, commission and exchange 货价,保险费,运费,佣金,兑换 c.i.f.c. & i. cost, insurance, freight, commission and interest 货价,保险费,运费,佣金,利息 c.i.f.i. & c. cost, insurance, freight, interest and commission 货价,保险费,运费,利息,佣金 c.i.f.L.t. cost, insurance and freight,London terms 货价,保险费,运费,伦敦条款 c.i.f.w. cost, insurance and freight plus war risk 货价,保险费,运费及战险费 CIM International Convention on the Transport of Goods by Railway 铁路货物运输国际公约 CIP carriage and insurance paid to 运费及保险费支付到…… CIV International Convention on the Carriage of Passenger and Luggage by Railway 铁路乘客及行李运输国际公约 CKD completely knocked down (unassembled) 全部拆散的(非装配的) Cl. Classification 分类,定级 CLC Civil Liability Convention 国际由于损害民事责任公约 clean B/L clean Bill of lading 清洁提单 cm centimeters(s) 公分(厘米) cm3 cubic centimeter(s) 立方厘米 CMR Convention on the Contract for the International 国际公路货运合同公约 C/N consignment note 发货通知书 cnee consignee 收货人 cnmt/consgt consignment 托付 cnor consignor 发货人,委托人 C/O certificate of origin 产地证明书 COA Contract of Affreightment 包运合同 C.O.D. cash on delivery 货到付款 C.O.F.C. Container-on –Flat-Car (rail flatcar) 平板车装运集装箱 COGSA Carriage of Goods by Sea Act 海上货物运输法 COM Commission 佣金 CONS Consumption 消耗 CVGP customs value per gross pound 海关价值,每磅毛重 CWE cleared without examination 海关免验结关 cwt hundredweight 担,英=112磅 美=100磅 CWO cash with order 定货时付款/定购即付 CY container yard 集装箱堆场 cy currency 货币 D D/A documents against acceptance 承兑交单 DAF Delivered at frontier 边境交货(国际贸易术语解释通则) (Incoterms) DAP documents against payment 付款交单 D.A.S. delivered alongside ship 船边提货 DBE(W)ATS Dispatch payable both ends on (working )all time saved 支付两港所有节省(工作)的速遣费 DCAS Distribution Cost Anglysis System 费用分布分析系统 D.CL Detention Clause 滞留条款 D/CL. Deviation Clause 绕航条款 D/D Dry docking 进干船坞 DDO Dispatch discharging only 卸货港速遣 DDP Delivered duty paid (Incoterms) 完税后交货(国际贸易术语解释通则) DDU Delivered duty unpaid (Incoterms) 未完税交货(国际贸易术语解释通则) DELY Delivery 交付 DEM Demurrage 滞期(费) DEP Departure 离开,开航 DES Delivered ex ship (Incoterms) 目的港船上交货(国际贸易术语解释通则) DEQ Delivered ex quay (duty paid) (Incoterms) 目的港码头交货(完税货)(国际贸易术语解释通则) DEV Deviation 绕航 DF Dead Freight 空舱费 DFP duty-free port 免税港 DHD Dispatch half demurrage 速遣费是滞期费的一半 Dia Diameter 直径 DISCH Discharge 卸货 DISPORT Discharge port 卸货港 dir. Direct 直接的 DLOSP Dropping last outward sea pilot 最后出港海区引航员下船 dm3 cubic decimeter(s) 立方分米 DO Diesel oil 柴油 DOCIMEL Document CIM Electronique (Electronic CIM document) CIM电子单证 D/O delivery order 提货单 DOP Dropping outward pilot 出港引航员下船 DOSP Dropping outward sea pilot 出港海区引航员下船 D/P documents against payment 付款交单 DPP Dirty Petroleum products 不洁石油产品 DSTN Destination 目的地(港) DT Deep tank 深舱 DTG Distance to go 还要行使的距离 DTLS Details 细节 DWCC dead weight cargo capacity 货物载重量 DWT dead weight ton 载重吨 E E.& O.E. errors and omissions excepted 错误和遗漏不在此限 DEI Electronic data interchange 电子数据交换 EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange for Administration,Commerce and Transport 行政管理,商业和运输业的电子数据交换 EDP electronic data processing 电子数据处理 e.g. for example 例如 EIR equipment interchange receipt (containers) 设备交接单(集装箱) encl. Enclosure 附件 ERLOAD Expected ready to load 预计准备装货 ETA expected time of arrival 预计到达时间 ETB Expected time of berth 预计靠泊时间 ETCD Expected time of completion of discharge 预计卸货完成时间 ETD expected time of departure 预计离开时间 ETR Expected time of redelivery 预计还船时间 ETS expected time of sailing 预计开航时间 excl. excluding 扣除 EXW Ex works (Incoterms) 工厂交货 FAA free of all average 一切海损均不赔偿 FAC As fast as the vessel can receive or deliver 一船舶能接受货交付的尽快速度 f.a.c. fast as can (loading or discharge) 尽可能快的装卸 F.A.C. forwarding agent’s commission 货运代理佣金 FACCOP As fast as ship can load/discharge according to custom of port 根据港口习惯以船舶尽可能快的装/卸货 FAK freight all kinds 均一费率 FALPRO special Programme on Trade Facilitation (UNCTAD) 便利贸易特别项目(联合国贸发会议) f.a.q. fair average quality 统货,大路货 FAS free alongside ship (Incoterms) 船边交货 (国际贸易术语解释通则) FBL negotiable FIATA Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading FIATA可转让多式联运提单 FCA Free carrier (Incoterms) 货交承运人(国际贸易术语解释通则) FCC first class charterers 一流的租船人 FCL full container load 整箱货 Fco. Franco;free 运费准免的 FD Freight and demurrage 运费和滞期费 FDND Freight,dispatch and demurrage defence 运费,速遣和滞期保护 FFI FIATA Forwarding Instructions FIATA运送指示 f.g.a. free of general average 共损不保 FHEX Friday and holidays excepted 星期五和节假日除外 FHINC Fridays and holidays included 包括星期五和节假日 f.i. free in 船方不负担装货费 f.i.a.s. free in and stowed 船方不负担装货费和理舱费 FILO Free in Liner out 租船人承担装货费,船东承担卸货费 FILTD Free in Liner terms discharge 租船人承担装货费,船东承担卸货费 FIO Free in and out 租船人承担装/卸货费 FIOS Free in and out and stowed 租船人承担装货、卸货和堆装费 FIOST Free in and out and stowed and trimmed 租船人承担装货、卸货、堆装和平舱费 FIOT Free in and out and trimmed 租船人承担装货、卸货和平舱费 FIATA FCR Forwarders Certificate of Receipt FIATA货运代理收货凭证 FIATA FCT Forwarders Certificate of Transport FIATA货运代理运输凭证 FIATA SDT Shipper’s Declaration for the Transport of Dangerous Goods FIATA托运人危险货物运输声明 FIATA SIC Shippers Intermodal Weight Certification FIATA托运人联运重量证明书 F.I.B. Free into barge 驳船交货 f.i.c. freight, insurance, carriage 运费,保险费 f.i.h. free in harbour 港内交货 f.i.o. free in and out 船方不负担装卸费用 f.i.o.s. free in and out stowed 船方不负担装卸费和理舱费 firavv first available vessel 第一艘可用船舶 FIS freight, insurance and shipping charges 运费、保险费和装船费 f.i.w. free into wagon 船方不负责装车费 FLT forklift truck 叉升式堆装机 FLWG Following 下达,下列 FM From 从,自 FO Fuel oil/Free out 燃料油/租船人承担卸货费,船东承担装货费 f.o. free out 船方不负担卸货费 FOB Free on board 船上交货,离岸价格 F.O.C. flags of convenience 方便旗船 F.O.D. free of damage 损害不赔 FONASBA The Federation of National Associations of Shipbrokers and Agents 全国船舶经纪人和代理人协会联盟 f.o.w. first open water 第一解冻日 F.P.A Free of particular average 平安险 FPAD freight payable at destination 到港支付运费 FR Flat rack (container) 平底集装箱 FRT Freight 运费 Frt.fwd. freight forward 运费由提货人支付 Frt.ppd. freight prepaid 运费预付 Frt.ton freight ton 运费吨 Ft foot (feet) 英尺 FW Fresh water 淡水 FWB non-negotiable FIATA Multimodal transport Waybill FIATA不可转让的多式联运运单 FWC full loaded weight & capacity 满载重量和容量(集装箱) FWD Forward 向前 fwdr. forwarder 货物代理人 FWR FIATA Warehouse Receipt FIATA仓库收据 FYG For your guidance 供你指导 FYI For your information 给你提供信息 FYR For your reference 供你参考 G G.A. general average 共同海损 G.A.A. General Average Agreement 共同海损担保 G.A.C. general average contribution 共同海损摊款 G.B.L. Government Bill of Lading 政府海运提单 G.C. general cargo 杂货 G.C.R. general cargo rates 杂货运价 GDP gross domestic product 国内生产总值 gds goods 货物 GFA General Freight Agent 货运总代理人 GLESS Gearless 无装卸设备 GMT Greenwich Meantime 格林威标准时间 GNP gross national product 国民生产总值 GRD Geard 有装卸设备 GRT gross registered tonnage 总登记吨 gr wt gross weight 总重,毛重 GSA General Sales Agent 销售总代理 GST goods and services tax 货物和服务税 Guatemala City Protocol(1971) Protocol to amend the Convention for the Unification of certain Rules relating to International Carriage by Air signed at Warsaw on 12 October 1929 as amended By the Protocol at the Hague on 28 September 1955 (not in force) 关于修改经1955年9月28日海牙议定书修改的1929年10月12日在华沙签署的《统一国际航空运输某些规则的公约》议定书(尚未生效)又称《1971年危地马拉议定书》 Guadalajara Supplementary Convention(1961) Convention Supplementary to the Warsaw Convention for the Unification of certain Rules relating to International carriage by Air performed by a person other than the contracting carrier 关于非由订约承运人履约的统一国际航空运输某些规则的华沙公约的补充公约,又称《1961年Guadalajara补充公约》 H Hague Prot.(1955) Protocol to amend the Convention for the Unification of certain Rules relating to the International Carriage by Air signed at Warsaw in 12 October 1929 关于修订1929年10月12日在华沙签订的《统一国际航空运输某些规则的公约》议定书又称《1955年海牙议定书》 Hague Rules International Convention of the Unific action of certain Rules relating to Bill of Lading (1924) 《统一关于提单若干法律规定的国际公约》又称《海牙规则》 Hague/Visby Rules Protocol to amend the International Convention for the Unification of certain Rules of Law relating to Bills of Lading (Brussels 1968) 《关于修订统一提单若干法律规定的国际公约议定书》(布鲁塞尔1968)又称《海牙-威斯比规则》 Hamburg Rules United Nations Convention on the Carriage of Goods by Sea (1978) 《1978年联合国海上货物运输公约》《汉堡规则》 HA/HO Hatches/Holds 舱口/舱 HAWB House Air Waybill 航空分运单 HAZCHEM Hazardous Chemicals Code 化学危险品代码 HC Hatch Coaming 舱口围 hdlg handling 装卸 HERMES Handling European Railway Message Exchange System 欧洲铁路信息交换系统管理 HFO Heavy fuel oil 重燃料油 hgt height 高度 h/lift heavy lift 重型起动(设备) H.Q. Headquarters 总局,总部 HRS Hours 小时 HS Harmonized System (CCC Convention) 协调机制 HSD High Speed dissel 高速柴油 HSS Heavy grain ,soyas, sorghum 重粮,黄豆,高粱 H/STMG Harbor Steaming 港内航行 I IAC Including address commission 包括回扣佣金 i.a.w. in accordance with 按照,根据 I.C.C. Institute Cargo Clauses (伦敦保险协会货物保险条款)简称协会货物险条款 ICD inland clearance depot 集装箱内陆验关堆场 IFO Intermediate fuel oil 1000秒燃油 IGS Inert gas system 惰性气体系统 IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code 国际海运危险品符号 IMM Immediately 立即 IMO International Maritime Organization 国际海事组织 In. inch(es) 英寸 incl. including 包括……..在内 INCOTERMS Standard conditions for sale and delivery of goods (issued by ICC, Paris) 国际贸易术语解释通则(巴黎国际商会发出通知) info information 通知 INMARSAT International Convention on the International Maritime Satellite Organization 国际海事卫星组织国际公约 ins Insurance 保险 INTERTANKO International Association of Independent Tanker Owners 国际独立油轮船东协会 INTRM intermediate point 中途点 inv invoice 发票 I.P.A. including particular average 包括单独海损 ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network 综合服务数字网 ITF International Transport Workers Federation 国际海运劳工联盟 IWL Institute Warranty Limits 协会保证区域限制 K kg(s) kilogram(s) 千克 km kilometer 公里 km.p.h kilometers per hour 每小时公里 km2 square kilometer 平方公里 kn knot(s) 海里,节(航速单位) kW kilowatt 千瓦 KWh kilowatt-hour 千瓦/小时 KWS knots 节/海里 Kyoto Convention International Convention on the Simplification and Harmonization of Customs Procedures (1973)(CCC Convention) 1973年简化和协调海关程序国际公约(CCC公约)又称《西京公约》 L L/A Lloyd’s agent 劳埃德保险公司代理人 LASH lighter aboard ship 载驳货船/子母船 Lat.,lat Latitude 纬度 LAYCAN Laydays and canceling date 船舶受载期和解约日 lb(s) pound(s) 磅 L/C Letter of credit 信用证 L/D Loading and discharging 装货和卸货 l.& d. loss and damage 灭失和损坏 l.& u. loading and unloading 装和卸 LCL less than container load (less than car load) 拼装箱货,拼装车货(零担货) LDG Loading 装货 LEL lower explosive limit 最低爆炸点 LFL lower flammable limit 最低燃点 lgt. Long ton; long tons 长吨 LIFO Liner in free out 船东承担装货费,租船人承担卸货费 liq. liquid 液态 Lkg/Bkg leakage & breakage 漏损和破损 LNG Liquefied natural gas 液化天然气 L.O.A. length over all 全长 LO/LO lift on .Lift off 吊上吊下方式 loc. local;location 当地的,定位 LOI Letter of Indemnity 保函 Long., long longitude 经度,经线 LPG Liquefied petrochemical gas 液化石油化学气 LSD landing,storage and delivery charges 卸货,存储和交货费 L.T. local time 当地时间 L/T liner terms 班轮条款 LTBENDS Liner terms both ends 船东承担装货和卸货费 ltr. lighter 驳船 LUBOIL Lubrication oil 润滑油 lump lump sum 包干费 M M Minimum (rate classification) 起码(费率等级) m metre (s) 公尺 m3 cubic metre (s) 立方米 MACH modular automated container handling 定型自动化集装箱搬运 MARPOL Maritime Agreement Regarding Oil Pollution of Liability 有关油污责任的海运协定 mat material 资料 MAWB Master Air Waybill 航空主运单 MDO Medium diesel oil 混合柴油 Mdse Merchandise 商品 MED Mediterranean 地中海 MEGC’s Multiple Element Gas Containers 多元化气集装箱 MFN Most Favoured Nation 最惠国 M.H. Merchants Haulage (集装箱)货方接运 MIA Marine Insurance Act 海上保险法 M/R mate’s receipt 大副收据 M R Maintenance and repair (center) 维修保养(中心) Mi mile(s) 英里 MOLCO More or less owner’s option 船东选择或多或少 Montreal Convention Montreal Prot.No.4 (1975) Convention for the Unification of certain Rules relating to International Carriage by Air (1999) Protocol to amend the Convention for the Unification of certain Rules relating to International Carriage Air signed at Warsaw on 12 October 1929 as amended by The Protocol done at the Hague on 28 September 1955 统一国际航空运输某些规则的公约(1999)。修改经1955年9月28日海牙议定书修订的1929年10月12日在华沙签署《统一国际航空运输某些规则的公约》的议定书,又称《1975年蒙特利尔第4号议定书》 MOS Months 月 msbl missing bill of lading 丢失的提单 msca missing cargo 丢失的货物 MT motor tanker 内燃机油轮 MTD multimodal transport document 多式联运单据 MTO multimodal transport operator 多式联运经营人 M/S motor ship 内燃机船 M/V motor vessel 内燃机船(柴油机船) N N normal (rate classification) 标准(运价等级) NA Not applicable 不适用 NAABSA Not always afloat but safely aground 不永远飘浮,但安全坐浅 NAOCC Non Aircraft Operating Common Carrier 无航空经营权的公共承运人 NAWB Neutral Air Waybill (forwarders Air Waybill) 航空货运代理运单 NB Please note 请注意 NCV non customs (commercial) value 无商业价值 NDCAPMQS No dead freight for charterer’s account provided minimum 租船人若提供最小货量也不负担空舱费 n.e.s. not elsewhere specified 未列名 NGO non governmental organization 非政府组织 NK Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Japanese Ship Classification Society) 日本船级社 n.l.t. not later than 不迟于 n/n non-negotiable 不能转让的 N.,No,Nr. number 编号 N/O no orders 无定单 n.o.e. not otherwise enumerated 未列举 n.o.p. not otherwise provided 未规定 n.o.r. not otherwise rated 未定费率 NORA Notice of Readiness accepted 接受装卸准备就绪通知书 NORT Notice of Readiness tendered 递交装卸准备就绪通知书 NORT&A Notice of Readiness tendered and accepted 递交和接受装卸准备就绪通知书 n.o.s. not otherwise specified 未列名 N/R(NOR) note of readiness 备妥通知书 NRT net registered ton 登记净吨 nt wt net weight 净重量 NV Det Norske Veritas (Norwegian Ship Classification Society) 挪威船级社 n.v.d. no value declared 无申报价值 NVOCC Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier 无船承运人 NWS New World Scale 新世界油轮费率本 O OA Overage 超龄 OAAOOP On arrival at or off the port 到达港内或港外 OBO Oil/Bulk/Ore Carrier 石油,散货,矿石三用途船 O.B.S. Oil Bunker Surcharge 燃油附加费 OB/L Ocean Bill of Lading 海运提单 O/D on deck 甲板货 ODS operating differential subsidy 营运补贴 OFA ocean freight agreement 海运运价协议 ONRS Owners 船东 O.R. owner’s risk 船东所有人承担风险 O.R.B. owner’s risk of breakage 船东空舱风险 O.R.D. owner’s risk of damage 船东货损险 O.R.F. owner’s risk of fire 船东火险 OT open top (container) 开顶式集装箱 O/T Overtime 加班 P p.a per annum (per year) 每年 P.A particular average 单独海损 Para paragraph 段落 payt payment 支付 P.B.A. paid by agent 代理人支付 P & D pick up and delivery 接运和支付 P. & I. Protection and Indemnity Association 保赔协会 P. & I. clause Protection and indemnity clause 保赔条款 P. & L. profit and loss 损益表 P/C Paramount Clause 首要条款 PC Part cargo 部分货物 p.c.f. pounds per cubic foot …..磅/每英尺 pct percent 每百,百分之 P.chgs. particular charges 特别费用 pd. paid 已付的 p.D. partial delivery 零批交货 PDPR Per day pro rata 每天按比例 p.h.d. per hatch per day 每天每个舱口 pkg package 件 P/L partial loss 部分损失 PLP parcel post 邮件 PLS Please 请 PLTC port liner term charges 港口班轮条款费用 PM Premium 保险费 PMT Per metric ton 每公吨 pmt prompt 迅速的 P/N promissory note 期票 P/O purchase order 订单 P.O.B. post office box 邮政箱 P.O.D. payment on delivery; paid on delivery 交货时付款 POD port of discharge 卸货港 POL port of loading 装货港 pp/ppd prepaid/prepaid 预先付讫的 PPT Prompt 即刻 p.t. per ton 每吨 ptly pd partly paid 部分已支付 p.t.w. per ton weight 每重量吨 Q Q Quantity (rate classification) 数量(费率等级) Q.c.o. Quantity at captain’s option 数量由船长确定 qlty Quality 质量 qty Quantity 数量 Qn Quotation 引证 R R reduced class rate (rate classification) 降低等级费率 rcpt receipt 收据 rcvd received 收讫(发票) r/c return cargo 回程货 RCU rate construction unit 运价结构单位 RD Running days 连续 RE Refer to/Regarding 有关 RECAP Recapitulation 概括 red. Reduced 降低 REDEL Redelivery 交还 ref reference 参考 rep representative 代表 Rentcon rent-a-container 租一个集装箱 rest. restrict(ed) 限制,受限制的 retd. returned or retired 返回的或退休的 RGDS Regards 问候 R.I. reinsurance 分保 RID International regulations concerning the International carriage of dangerous goods by rail 国际铁路运输危险货物国际规则 RMD Rhine-Main-Danube Navigation System 莱茵河-梅恩河-多瑙河航行制度 RNR rate not reported 费率未公布 R/O routing order 常规顺序 ROB Remaining on board 遗留船上 ROC Refer to our telex 参阅我们的电传 R.O.G. receipt of goods 货物收据 RO/RO Roll-on/roll-off 滚动装卸运输 round C/P round charter party 双程租船合同 r.t.b.a. rate to be arranged 费率另议(费率按协议) Ry. railway 铁路 RYT Rerfer to your telex 参阅你们的电传 S S srucharge (rate classification) 附加费率 SB Safe berth 安全泊位 SBT Segregated ballast tank 分割压载舱 S/C surcharge 附加费率 s & c shipper and carrier 托运人和承运人 S.& F.A. shipping and forwarding agent 海运和货运代理 SCHDL Schedule 时间表 SCR specific commodity rate 特殊商品费率 S.d small damage 小额损失 SDR Special Drawing Right 特别提款权 SF Stowage factor 积载因素 SHEX(SSHEX) Sundays and Holidays excluded 星期日和节假日除外 SHEXEIU Sundays and Holidays excepted even if used 即使使用,星期日和节假日亦除外 SHEXUU Sundays and holidays excepted unless used 除非使用,星期日和节假日除外 SHIPT Shipment 货载 sld sailing date 开航日期 s.l.& c. shippers’load and count 托运人装箱计数 SLI shippers letter of instruction 托运人说明书 S.O.L. shipowner’s liability 船舶所有人的赔偿责任 SOLAS Safety of Life at Sea 海上人命安全 SP Safe port 安全港 S.P.A. subject to particular average 以单独海损为条件 SPD Speed 航速 square centimeter(s) 平方厘米 square inch(es) 平方英寸 SRCC strike, riots,civil commotions 罢工、暴乱和内乱 S/S steamship 轮船 STOA Subject to Owner’s approval 有待船东批准 stvdrs Stevedores 装卸工 SUB Subject to 有待于 sub L/C subject to letter of credit being opened 以开出信用证为条件 sub licence subject to licence being granted 以领到许可证为条件 SW Salt water 海水 SWL Safe Working Load 安全工作负责 T t ton 吨 TACT the air cargo tariff (IATA) 空运费率表 TBL through bill of lading 联运提单 TBN to be named (ship) 将被指定的(船) T/C time charter 期租合同 TC traffic conference area (IATA) 区域运输公会(国际航空运输协会) TCT Time charter on trip basis 航次定期租船 TD time of departure 开航时间 TEU Twenty foot equivalent unit (containers) 20英尺集装箱 THRU Through 通过 TIF International transit by rail 铁路国际运输 TIP Taking inward pilot 进港引航员上船 TKS Customs Convention on the international transport of goods under cover of TIR carnets (for international road transport) 感谢 TL total loss 全损 TLECON Telephone conversation 电话谈论 TLF tariff level factor 运价水平系数 TLX Telex 电传 tnge tonnage 吨位 T.O.D. time of dispatch 离港时间 TOFC Trailer on flatcar 平板车载运带拖车的集装箱 T.O.R. time of receipt 接收时间 tot terms of trade 贸易条款 tot. total 全部的 TOVALOP Tanker owners’ voluntary agreement concerning liability for oil pollution 油轮船东资源承担油污责任协定 TOW tier on weight (container stacking according to weight) 按照重量顺序堆放集装箱 TPND theft,pilferage, non delivery 盗窃提货不着险 tr tare (货物的)皮重 T/S Transshipment 转运 TT Telegraphic transfer 电汇 TTL Total 总额 TWHD Tons per workable batch per day 每天每可工作轮……..吨 U u.c. usual conditions 通常条件 U.D. under deck 甲板下,舱内 U.DK upper deck 上甲板 ULCC Ultra Large Crude Carrier (oil) 超大型油船 ULD unit load device (aircraft) 成组运输方式(飞机) U/w Underwriter 保险人 V val. value 价值 VAT value added tax 增值税 V.C. vessels convenience 方便船 Ves. vessel 船舶 VIC Very Important Cargo 重要货物 VIO Very Important Object 重要物品 VIP Very Import Person 重要人物 VLCC Very Large Crude Carrier (oil) 巨型油船 VOCC Vessel Operating Common Carrier 经营船舶公共承运人 vol volume 量,容量 VSL Vessel 船舶 v.v vice versa 反过来(也是这样) W Warsaw Convention convention for the Unification of certain Rules relating to International Carriage by Air (1929) 1929年在华沙签订的《统一国际航空运输某些规则的公约》 W.A. with average (Institute Cargo Clause) 基本险,水渍险,承保单独海损(英国保险协会货物险条款) W/B Way- bill 运单 w.b.d. will be done 将完成 w.c.c.o.n. whether cleared customs or not 清关与否 W/d working day (s) 工作日 wdt/wth width 宽(度) w.e.f. with effect from 从(时间)开始有效 WFPON Whether in free pratique or not 不论是否检疫 WG Working Group 工作组 wgt weight 重量 WHD Per working hatch per day 每天每工作轮 whf wharfage 码头费 Whse warehouse 仓库 WHTC Worldscale hours terms and conditions 世界油船(基本)费率表时间条款和条件 WIBON Whether in berth or not 不论是否靠泊 WIPOM Whether in port or not 不论是否在港内 wk. week 星期 w/m weight/measurement 重量/体积 W/O,w/o without 没有 WOG Without guarantee 不作保证 WP Weather permitting 晴天允许工作 w.p.a. with particular average 单独海损险 W.R. Warehouse Receipt 仓库收据 W.R.T. War Risk Insurance 战争险 WS Worldscale (Worldwide Tanker Nominal Freight Scale ) 世界油船(基本)费率表 wt. weight 重量 w/t weight tons 重量吨 WTS Working time saved 节省的工作时间 w/v weight/volume 重量/体积 WW warehouse warrant (仓库)栈单 ww world-wide 全世界的 Wwd weather working days 晴天工作日 WWDSHEX Weather working days Sundays and holidays excepted 晴天工作日,星期天和节假日除外 WWDSHINC Weather working days Sundays and holidays included 晴天工作日,包括星期天和节假日 WWR Where when ready 准备就绪的地点和时候 www wrld wide web 全球网 x XPNS Expenses 费用 Y YAR York-Antwerp Rules 约克-安特卫普规则 yd yard 堆场 yday yesterday 昨天 y/l your letter 你的函件 y/o your order 你的订单 YR Your/Year 你的年份