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加强军队和政权建设 strengthen army building and the organs of political power

加强征管、堵塞漏洞、惩治腐败、清缴欠税”的方针the principle of “tightening collection and management, plugging up loopholes, punishing corruption and clearing up overdue taxes”

价格法 the Price Law

价格歧视 price discrimination

坚持解放思想、实事求是的思想路线,弘扬与时俱进的精神adhere to the ideological guideline of emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, and upholds the spirit of advancing with time.

坚定信心 proceed with confidence

坚决不搞重复建设 prohibit redundant projects

坚决杜绝劣质工程 prohibit inferior projects

艰苦奋斗、勤俭建国 hard work, plain living and building up the country through thrift

减轻企业负担 lighten the burden on enterprises

减人增效 increase efficiency by downsizing payrolls

减少福利型、供给型、实物型分配reduce distribution in the form of welfare, supply and kind

减员增效 downsize staffs and improve efficiency

剪彩仪式ribbon-cutting ceremonies

建立公共财政的基本框架 establish the basic framework for a system of public finance

建设文明幸福家庭 the development of civilized and happy families

健全项目法人责任制 the system of holding the legal person responsible for projects

讲排场、摆阔气、比享受 ostentatious behavior and pleasure-seeking

降低银行存贷款利率 lower bank interest rates for savings deposits and loans,

节能、节水、节地和低污染新型材料new building materials that help to save energy, water and land resources and cause less environmental pollution

金融体制改革 reform of the financial system

金融资产管理公司 financial asset management companies

进出口商品结构 pattern of imports and exports

经济不发达地区 economically underdeveloped areas

经济发展后劲 future economic growth

经济房 low-cost housing

经营收费 operating charges

精打细算 meticulous plan all expenditures

精心设计 meticulous design

九届全国人大四次会议the Fourth Session of the Ninth National People's Congress

九届全国政协常委递补委员 by-elect members to the Standing Committee of the Ninth CPPCC National Committee

就业问题 the problem of employment

具有税收性质的政府性基金或专项性收费 government funds and special charges of a tax nature

绝不能花钱大手大脚 absolutely cannot spend money lavishly

军队、武警部队、政法机关与企业脱钩the army, armed police and procuratorial, judicial and public security organs have severed their ties with enterprises

开拓城乡市场 develop urban and rural markets

开拓农村消费市场 develop consumer markets in rural areas

抗洪救灾 fight floods and provide disaster relief

科技成果转化 the commercialization of research findings

科技发展基金 a science and technology development fund

科教兴国战略 the strategy of invigorating China through the development of science and education

科学技术进步 scientific and technological progress

科学论证 scientific verification

科学有效的收入组织机制 a scientific and effective mechanism for collecting revenue

可持续发展战略 the strategy of sustainable development

可支配收入 disposable income

肯定成绩 affirm our achievements

控制在国民经济可以承受的范围之内 keep within the limits of the national economic strength

跨省区分行trans-provincial or trans-regional branches

亏损企业 loss-generating enterprises

扩大内需,刺激消费 expand/ increase domestic demand and stimulate consumption

扩大住房贷款,助学贷款和大件消费品贷款expand housing loans, student loans and major commodity loans

拉动经济增长stimulate economic growth

来之不易hard-won achievements

浪费资源 resource-wasting

劳动力市场 the labor market

劳动者素质的提高 improve the quality of laborers

老工业基地 old industrial bases

离退休人员基本养老金 basic pensions for retirees

离退休人员养老金 pensions to retired employees

理顺税、费、价三者关系 straighten out the relationships among taxes, charges and prices

厉行节约 practice economy

粮食流通体制改革 reform of the grain distribution system

粮食市场的宏观调控能力 the state’s capacity for macro-control of the grain market

粮食政策性补贴 policy-related grain subsidies

两大历史性课题(提高党的执政能力和领导水平、提高拒腐防变和抵御风险能力)the two major historic subjects of enhancing the abilities of administration and art of leadership and resisting corruption, guarding against degeneration and warding off risks.

林区 forested areas

零基预算制度 a zero-base budgeting system

漏征漏管户 tax dodgers

面对严峻挑战 meet the serious challenge

民族地区 regions inhabited by ethnic groups

名优产品 famous brand high-quality products

牟取暴利price hikes for exorbitant profits

年度国家预算annual State budge

农村电网改造projects to upgrade rural power grids

农村剩余劳动力 surplus rural workers

起草社会治安法drafting a social security law

全国人大常务委员会 the NPC Standing Committee

全国人大代表deputy to the National People's Congress

全国人民代表大会 (简称 全国人大) National People's Congress (NPC)

全国人民代表大会常务委员会 the NPC Standing Committee

全国人民代表大会常务委员会办公厅the general offices of the NPC Standing Committee

全国人民代表大会主席团 the NPC Presidium

全国政协委员 member of the national committee of CPPCC

全面推进党的建设的新的伟大工程forge ahead with the new great project of Party building

全体会议plenary meeting

权贵资本主义'(又译裙带资本主义或亲朋好友资本主义) crony capitalism

人均国内生产总值per-capita gross domestic product (GDP)

弱势群体 disadvantaged groups (对弱势群体给予特殊的就业援助。--Special employment assistance should be given to members of disadvantaged groups.)

三个代表 three represents theory (the Party must always represent the requirements of the development of China's advanced productive forces, the orientation of the development of China's

advanced culture, and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people in China.)

三讲教育:讲学习,讲政治,讲正气three emphases education (to stress theoretical study, political awareness and good conduct)

三峡工程Three-Gorges Project

三峡移民Migrants from Three Gorges area

生计问题 bread-and butter issue

生态建筑 ecological construction

使大多数亏损企业扭亏为盈 bring the majority of money-losing firms into the black

试点项目 pilot project

特困行业和企业industries and enterprises in dire straits

退耕还林、还草工程Grain for Green Project

网络公司 a web-based economy

西部大开发the strategy of developing the western region

西电东送 transmission of electricity from the western to the eastern region

下岗工人基本生活津贴the basic living allowance for laid-off workers

下岗职工基本生活费subsistence allowances for laid-off workers

现代远程教育modern distance education

宪法修正案 amendments to the Constitution

乡镇企业 township enterprises

小组讨论 panel discussions/group discussions

新闻发布会 press conference

医保制度改革Reform of medical insurance system

医疗改革 health care reform

隐形就业 hidden employment

有中国特色的社会主义民主政治socialist democratic politics with Chinese characteristics

与时俱进 advance with the times

再就业下岗人员re-employment of laid-off workers

增收节支increase revenue and cut government expenditure

债转股 debt-to-equity swap

政府工作报告government's work report

政府机构改革Reform of government institutions

制定反贪法规anti-corruption legislation

中共中央委员会CPC Central Committee

中国共产党第十六次全国代表大会 16th National Congress of Communist Party of China (16th NCCPC)

中国人民政治协商会议全国委员会 (简称 全国政协) National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)

中国人民政治协商会议全国委员会常务委员会 Standing committee of the National Committee of the CPPCC

中国政协委员 member of the National Committee of CPPCC

中央纪律检查委员会Central Commission for

Discipline Inspection

重庆(直辖)市 China's Chongqing Municipality

诸国议会同盟Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)

资源丰富的内陆地区(指中国西部)the resource-rich hinterland

综合国力 overall national strength

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