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21世纪议程 Agenda 21 (the international plan of action adopted by governments in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil(巴西里约), — provides the global consensus on the road map towards sustainable development)

世界环境日 World Environment Day (June 5th each year)

世界环境日主题 World Environment Day Themes

环境千年—行动起来吧!(2000) The Environment Millennium - Time to Act!

拯救地球就是拯救未来!(1999) Our Earth - Our Future - Just Save It!

为了地球上的生命—拯救我们的海洋!(1998)For Life on Earth - Save Our Seas!

为了地球上的生命(1997) For Life on Earth

我们的地球、居住地、家园(1996) Our Earth, Our Habitat, Our Home

国际生物多样性日 International Biodiversity Day (29 December)

世界水日 World Water Day (22 March)

世界气象日 World Meteorological Day(23 March)

世界海洋日 World Oceans Day (8 June )

联合国环境与发展大会(环发大会) United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED)

环发大会首脑会议 Summit Session of UNCED

联合国环境规划署 United Nations Environment Programs (UNEP)

2000年全球环境展望报告 GEO-2000; Global Environmental Outlook 2000

入选“全球500佳奖” be elected to the rank of Global 500 Roll of Honor

联合国人类居住中心 UN Center for Human Settlements (UNCHS)

改善人类居住环境最佳范例奖 Best Practices in Human Settlements Improvement

人与生物圈方案 Man and Biosphere (MAB) Programme (UNESCO)

中国21世纪议程 China’s Agenda 21

中国生物多样性保护行动计划 China Biological Diversity Protection Action Plan

中国跨世纪绿色工程规划 China Trans-Century Green Project Plan

国家环境保护总局 State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA)

中国环保基本方针 China’s guiding principles for environmental protection

坚持环境保护基本国策 adhere to the basic state policy of environmental protection

推行可持续发展战略 pursue the strategy of sustainable development

贯彻经济建设、城乡建设、环境建设同步规划、同步实施、同步发展(三同步)的方针 carry out a strategy of synchronized planning, implementation and development in terms of economic and urban and rural development and environmental protection (the “three synchronizes” principle)

促进经济体制和经济增长方式的转变 promote fundamental shifts in the economic system and mode of economic growth

实现经济效益、社会效益和环境效益的统一 bring about harmony of economic returns and contribution to society and environmental protection

中国环保基本政策 the basic policies of China’s environmental protection

预防为主、防治结合的政策 policy of prevention in the first place and integrating prevention with control

污染者负担的政策 “the-polluters-pay” policy

强化环境管理的政策 policy of tightening up environmental management

一控双达标政策 policy of “One Order, Two Goals”: “一控”:12种工业污染物的排放量控制在国家规定的排放总量 The total discharge of 12 industrial pollutants in China by the end of 2000 shall not exceed the total amount mandated by the central government.; “双达标”: 1. 到2000年底,全国所有的工业污染源要达到国家或地方规定的污染物排放标准 The discharge of industrial pollutants should meet both national and local standards by the end of 2000. 2. 到2000年底,47个重点城市的空气和地面水达到国家规定的环境质量标准 2. Air and surface water quality in all urban districts in 47 major cities should meet related national standards by the end of 2000.

对新项目实行环境影响评估 conduct environmental impact assessments (EIA) on start-up projects

提高全民环保意识 raise environmental awareness amongst the general public

查处违反环保法规案件 investigate and punish acts of violating laws and regulations on environmental protection

环保执法检查 environmental protection law enforcement inspection

限期治理 undertake treatment within a prescribed limit of time

中国已加入的国际公约 international conventions into which China has accessed

控制危险废物越境转移及其处置的巴塞尔公约 Basel Convention on the Control of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and Their Disposal

关于消耗臭氧层物质的蒙特利尔议定书 Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer

生物多样性公约 Convention on Biological Diversity

防治荒漠化国际公约 Convention to Combat Desertification

气候变化框架公约 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

生态示范区 eco-demonstration region; environment-friendly region

国家级生态示范区(珠海) Nationally Designated Eco-Demonstration Region

国家级园林城市 Nationally Designated Garden City

对水质和空气质量的影响 impact on the quality of the water and the air

治理环境污染 curb environmental pollution; bring the pollution under control

海藻 mostly in polluted waters)

工业固体废物 industrial solid wastes

白色污染 white pollution (by using and littering of non-degradable white plastics)

可降解一次性塑料袋 throwaway bio-degradable plastic bags

放射性废料积存 accumulation of radioactive waste

有机污染物 organic pollutants
氰化物、 砷、汞排放 cyanide, arsenic, mercury discharged

铅、镉、六价铬 lead, cadmium, sexivalent chromium

城市垃圾无害化处理率 decontamination rate of urban refuse

垃圾填埋场 refuse landfill

垃圾焚化厂 refuse incinerator

防止过度利用森林 protect forests from overexploitation

森林砍伐率 rate of deforestation

水土流失 water and soil erosion

土壤盐碱化 soil alkalization

农药残留 pesticide residue

水土保持 conservation of water and soil

生态农业 environment-friendly agriculture; eco-agriculture

水资源保护区 water resource conservation zone

海水淡化 sea water desalinization

保护珊瑚礁、红树林和渔业资源 protect coral reefs, mangrove and fishing resource

绿化祖国 turn the country green

全民义务植树日 National Tree-Planting Day

造林工程 afforestation project

绿化面积 afforested areas; greening space

森林覆盖率 forest coverage

防风林 wind breaks (防沙林 sand breaks)

速生林 fast-growing trees

降低资源消耗率 slow down the rate of resource degradation

开发可再生资源 develop renewable resources

环保产品 environment-friendly products

自然保护区 nature reserve

野生动植物 wild fauna and flora

保护生存环境 conserve natural habitats

濒危野生动物 endangered wildlife

珍稀濒危物种繁育基地 rare and endangered species breeding center

自然生态系统 natural ecosystems

防止沙漠化(治沙、抗沙) desertification

环境负荷 carrying capacity of environment

三废综合利用 multipurpose use of three types of wastes

先天与后天,遗传与环境 nature-nurture

美化环境 landscaping design for environmental purposes

防止沿海地带不可逆转恶化 protect coastal zones from irreversible degradation

环境恶化 environmental degradation

城市化失控 uncontrolled urbanization

温饱型农业 subsistence agriculture

贫困的恶性循环 vicious cycle of poverty

大气监测系统 atmospheric monitoring system

空气污染浓度 air pollution concentration

酸雨、越境空气污染 acid rain and transboundary air pollution

二氧化硫排放 sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions

悬浮颗粒物 suspended particles

工业粉尘排放 industrial dust discharged

烟尘排放 soot emissions

二氧化氮 nitrate dioxide (NO2)

矿物燃料(煤、石油、天然气) fossil fuels: coal, oil, and natural gas

清洁能源 clean energy

汽车尾气排放 motor vehicle exhaust

尾气净化器 exhaust purifier

无铅汽油 lead-free gasoline

天然气汽车 gas-fueled vehicles

电动汽车 cell-driven vehicles; battery cars

氯氟烃 CFCs

温室效应 greenhouse effect

厄尔尼诺南徊 ENSO (El Nino Southern Oscillation)

噪音 noise (分贝 db; decibel)

化学需氧量(衡量水污染程度的一个指标) COD;chemical oxygen demand

生物需氧量 BOD; biological oxygen demand

工业废水处理率 treatment rate of industrial effluents

城市污水处理率 treatment rate of domestic sewage

集中处理厂 centralized treatment plant

红潮 red tide (rapid propagation of sea algae



山地气候 mountain climate 恒风 constant wind 微风 breeze

冬季季风气候 winter monsoon climate 逆风 headwind 台风 typhoon

季风气候 monsoon climate 高气压 high-pressure 锋面 frontal edge

亚热带气候 sub-tropical climate 气团 air mass 热浪 heat wave

高原气候 plateau climate 闪电 lightning 雾 fog

海滨气候 littoral climate 凉 cool 霜 frost

极地气候 polar climate 雪堆 snowdrift 露 dew

热带气候 tropical climate 寒冷 chilly 3、风的名称

温带沙漠气候 temperate desert climate 间歇雨 intermittent rain 无风 calm

温带干燥气候 temperate arid climate 大雨 heavy rain 轻风 light breeze

热带季风气候 tropical monsson climate 信风 trade wind 微风 gentle breeze

大陆气候 continental climate 天气预报 weather forecast 和风 moderate breeze

沙漠气候 desert climate 甘霖 welcome rain 清风 fresh breeze

沿海气候 coastal climate 冰柱 icicle 强风 strong breeze

高地气候 highland climate 西北风 northwester 疾风 near gale

海洋气候 marine climate 地形雨 local rains 大风 gale

森林气候 forest climate 狂风 squall 烈风 strong gale

温带气候 temperate climate 雨季 rainy season 狂风 storm

湿润气候 humid climate 雨点 raindrops 暴风 violent storm

温带草原气候 temperate grassy climate 东北信风 northeast trades 飓风 hurricane

热带雨林气候 tropical rainy climate 东南风 southeaster 台风 typhoon

热带海洋气候 tropical marine climate 风级 wind scale 龙卷风 tornado

2、气象用语 虹 rainbow 4、浪的名称

小雨 light rain 阵雨 shower 平静 calm

毛毛雨 drizzle,fine rain 疾风 gusty wind 微波 rippled

反常天气 freakish weather 气旋 cyclone 微浪 smooth wavelets

北风 north wind 气压 barometric pressure 细浪 light seas

冰 ice 阴天 cloudy day 小浪 moderate seas

冰点 freezing point 雪花 snow flake 中浪 rough seas

西南风 southwester 晴 clear 大浪 very rough seas

冷峰 cold front 顺风 favorable wind 强浪 high seas

低气压 low-pressure 闷热天气 muggy weather 巨浪 very high seas

雨量 rainfall 雹 hail 狂浪 monster waves

东北风 northeaster 雷 thunder 5、自然灾害

东风 east wind 滂沱大雨 downpour 火山地震 volcanic earthquake

炎热 scorching heat 暖锋 warm front 海啸 tidal wave

风眼 eye of a storm 零度 zero 山崩 landslide

零度以下 subzero

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