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第九篇 策略,手段,做法。
    1. 敷衍搪塞 give someone the runaround
    Don’t give us the runaround. We’d just like to know whether you agree or not.
    2.哭穷 to poor-mouth
    Don’t poor-mouth to me. I have your number.
    3.白吃白喝 a freeloader
    I wouldn’t freeload .I’m not a freeloader.
    4.牵线搭桥 pull the strings
    I hear there’s an opening in your company and I would like to fill it. But will you pull some strings for me?
    5.甩掉 palm of f
    He urged you palm off all the shoddy goods immediately.
    6.得罪某人get in Dutch with someone
    Zhang Ming got in Dutch with his boss and in a few months he was sacked.
    7.说别人的闲话dish the dirt about…
    She is a notorious gossiper here, who is very fond of dishing the dirt about others.
    8.挂个电话 give a buzz
    Give me a buzz before coming so that you won’t come to a locked door.
    9.写封信 drop me a line
    Drop me a line when you have time.
    10. 榨干血汗 bleed one white
    They are trying to bleed you white.
    11. 结伙对付某人 gang up on somebody
    Some fairly large trading companies ganged up on us, trying t force us out of that business.
    12. 无言以对 not find one’s tongue
    He was arrogant at the beginning, but the moment when the police showed the documents he had doctored and asked him what the matter was, he could not find his tongue.
    13. 把人逼疯send somebody the loony bin
    别再问了! 你想把你妈妈逼疯么?
    Don’t ask her! Do you want to send your mum to the loony bin.
    14. 反手一击turn the tables
    They turned the tables on her.
    15.瞧一眼 give someone the once-over
    Hearing that the actress had arrived everyone went out and gave her the once-over.
    15. 对牛弹琴cast pearls before swine
    Trying to explain to them the importance of body language in communication is just like casting pearls before swine
    16. 拆了东墙补西墙 rob Peter to pay Paul
    what’s the sense in borrowing from Zhang just to pay Li?That’s meant to rob Peter to pay Paul.
    17. 我只是私下跟你随便说说。Only between you and me and the gatepost.
    It’s only between you and me and the gatepost, I hear that the manager is on very familiar terms with that girl.
    18. 参与某事 have a finger in the pie
    I don’t like you to have a finger in the pie, You are no good at such a deal.
    19. 顺手牵羊to walk away with…
    That day after our chat, he walked away with both my pen and the lighter.
    20.把……打发走 to fob off
    There’s no need to worry, for your husband knows how to fob the gang off.
    20. 偷看make a stealthy glance at…
    He made a stealthy glance at the girl and put on sort of airs of starting to read.
    21. 刁难某人make it hot for someone
    I don’t want to make it hot for you. But I won’t tell you the true story of that till you return the letter to me.
    22. 横穿马路 jaywalk
    Anyone who jaywalks in this street will be fined.
    23. 咬紧牙关bite the bullet
    The president asked the board to bite the bullet to the crisis.
    24. 吓唬某人 give somebody a bluff
    Don’t be scared .I was only giving you a bluff.
    25. 解囊相助 give someone the shirt off one’s back
    You can turn to Zhang when you are caught short. He would give you the shirt off his back.
    26. 拔腿就跑 take to one’s heels
    As soon as the street peddlers saw the police coming they folded up their stands and took to their heels.
    27. 刻苦钻研某科to dig at a subject
    She said that she would dig at American literature for her exam next year.
    28. 打开天窗说亮话 talk turkey
     We have been beating about the bush on the matter for so long and it’s time to talk turkey.
    29. 骑到某人脖子上walk all over someone
    Don’t appear to be in an inferior to him, or he’ll walk over you.
    30. 被逼得走投无路 be driven to the wall
    The creditor drove him to the wall, which resulted in his suicide.
    31.抖露出去 hang out something
    If you’re unfair to me, I’ll certainly hang out all your dirty linen.
    31. 向……行贿 grease the hand of …
    The driver was trying to grease the hand of the coop, but he was refused.
    32. 出卖朋友 sell someone down the river
    You may think he is bad, but he has never sold his friends down the river.
    33. 有毛病 have rocks in one’s head
    Want me to lend the money to guy like him? Have you got rocks in your head?
    34. 凑合 fill the bill
    I don’t have a new one, but you may take this to fill the bill.
    35. 糊弄人 throw someone off the scent
    I told him the true story, but he still thought I was throwing him off the scent.
    36. 堵住某人的嘴 stop someone’s mouth
    He gave you the money in order to stop your mouth.
    37. 逃学play hookey
    He’s not your sort, who plays hookey at will.
    38. 玩儿命 play with one’s life
    Many cab drivers say that they must play with their lives to get money.
    39. 心里正盘算着 toy with the idea of doing
    I was just toying wit the idea of marrying my daughter off with him.
    40.来真格的 for keeps
    Shall we play for fun or for keeps?
    40. 请示上边儿 ask the top kick
    I can’t decide on it personally. I have to ask the top kick.
    41. 吃老本rest on one’s laurels.
    It seems that we can no longer afford to rest on our Laurels.
    42. 下饭馆儿 to eat out
    Let’s eat out today, just for a change.
    43. 搞得一团糟 louse up something
    He loused up his own marriage by getting involved with another woman.
    44. 精神寄托 someone’s meat and drink
    Reading has become my only meat and drink.
    45. 瞎猜a shot in the dark
    你怎么知道那件事的? How did you know that?
    我不知道,是我瞎猜的。 I didn’t know. It was only a shot in the dark.
    46. 干掉某人cook somebody’s goose
    Last night they talked about their plan to cook the guy’s goose.
    47. 有保留的 with a grain of salt
    We agreed to their plan wit ha grain of salt.
    48. 说走嘴 make a slip of the tongue
    He didn’t mean to hurt you, he only made a slip of the tongue.
    49. 兜风go out for a spin
    They drove the car and went out for a spin.
    50. 折磨某人 run somebody through the guts
    If you are so good to her without ever wanting to marry her, that will amount to running her through the guts.
    51. 十分仓猝的be in a tearing hurry
    They rolled up the money and left through the back gate in a tearing hurry.
    52. 改邪归正 straighten up and fly right
    He said he would straighten up and fly right and assured me that he would never involve himself in things of that sort.
    53. 抓阄draw straws
    Let’s decide who should go first by drawing straws.
    54. 过夜 shack up
    It’s said that he had shacked up with several girls before getting married.
    55. 为自己辩护 shelter oneself
    He sheltered himself by saying that he was too busy to turn off the oven that day.
    56. 庇护take someone under one’s wing
    I know mum’s always taking you under her wing, but I wouldn’t give in again this time.
    57. 仓猝购买 buy a pig in a poke
    Buying a car without trying it by yourself is just like buying a pig in a poke, isn’t it?
    58. 收回自己说过的话 eat one’s words
    He wouldn’t eat his words even if he knows he said the wrong things.
    59. 把某人灌醉 drink someone under the table
    I knew they wanted to drink me under the table, but I sticked to my limits.
    60. 消磨旅途时光 cheat the journey
    Passengers usually cheat the journey by reading newspapers, playing cards or shooting the breeze in the train.
    61.付好处费 pay off
    He said that he wouldn’t take us to see the minister until we had paid him off.
    61. 把衣服穿反了 wear…inside out
    62. 山中无老虎猴子称霸王。
    The boss is away on business so he could finger others around in the office. This is when the cat’s away, the mice will play.
    63. 跟某人开个玩笑 give someone a ribbing
    I only gave her a ribbing, but she took it seriously.
    64. 拿别人开心 to rib someone
    Why should you always like to rib others? What if others do the same to you?
    65. 同甘苦共患难 share weal and woe
    Before getting married, he swore that he would share weal and woe with me but now, he abandoned me at a time when my health is threatening my life.
    66. 小题大做 stir a storm in a teacup
    He said that he was explaining some abstruse philosophy. But to me he was only trying to stir up a storm in a teacup and mystifying things.
    67. 动不动就…… at the drop of a hat
    I can’t make it out why should you get it out on the kids at the drop of a hat.
    68. 开导某人 talk sense into someone
    My son’s having a bee in his bonnet. I’d like you to come over and talk sense into him.
    69.以其人之道还治其人之身 give someone a taste of his own medicine
    This is what I call “give him a taste of his own medicine”.
    70.豁出去了 shoot the works
    I’ll shoot the works this time by giving you a treat in a five-star hotel.
    71.那某人当出气筒 take it out on someone
    What have the kids done to provoke you? Why should you take it out on them?
    72.吸毒成瘾 be on the needle
    You’d better steer clear of these girls. They are all on the needle.

第十篇 其他(Miscellaneous)
    1. 不妙 something is to pay
    The manager had a hunch that something was to pay.
    2. 眼中钉 a thorn in someone’s flesh.
    I wonder why I become a thorn in their flesh. I’ve never harmed them.
    3.馋得流口水 make someone’s mouth water
    The delicacies on the table make him mouth water.
    4.胡说八道 shooting from the hip
    He thinks I’ve got the hots for lily? It’s shooting from the hip!
    5.各奔东西 drift apart
    After graduation my classmates drifted apart.
    6.呕吐shoot the cat
    他刚吃完饭就吐了. He shoot the cat right after the meal.
    7.打嗝 make a belch
    The kid is making a belch. Give him a drink.
    8.久等 cool one’s heels
    I was left cooling my heels outside your home for two hours.
    9.各有利弊 cut both ways
    It cuts both ways to work in a state-run enterprise or a joint venture: the pay from a state-run enterprise is relatively lower but you feel more stable while in a joint venture you feel unassured, through the pay is relatively higher.
    10.吃闭门羹 to a locked door
    I went to see him yesterday, but unfortunately I was to a locked door.
    11.哪儿都找了 look high and low
    I looked high and low for the key, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.
    12.抽筋 have a charley horse
    Don’t touch me; I’ve got a charley horse on the leg.
    13.烫伤 to scald
    He had his hand scalded when frying meatballs and now the scalds come up in blisters all over his hand.
    14.被叮get stung by
    He got stung by a wasp while cutting grass and his face is swollen now.
    15.不一会儿 in a jiffy
    Don’t go away. They’ll arrive in jiffy.
    16.碰某人一指头 lay a finger on…
    I’ll kill you if you so much as lay a finger on my sister again.
    17.让我 …… lemme…
    让我试试吧。Lemme have a try.
    (lemme 是let me音变形式。)
    18.我不骗你 I kid you not
    真的, 我不骗你。 他确实是那样说的。
    Really. I kid you. He indeed said so.
    19.千篇一律 be in a rut
    Their life is always in a rut. They would either go to work or do cooking and watch TV after work.
    20.经常出没于某地 haunt about a place
    Some reported to the police that the suspect often haunted about the grand hotel at the foot of the western hill with a four-eyed girl.
    21.拿手 be right up someone’s alley
    You may ask Lao Zhang to cook the fish, it is right up his alley.
    22.拜倒某人脚下 worship the ground sb. treads on
     His talents have made many scholars worship the ground that he treads on.
    23.例假 that time of the month
    The doctor says that women at that time of the month should avoid doing heavy work.
    24.坐月子 be in confinement
    There’s a Chinese saying that goes “a woman in confinement should not be visited。”
    25.闲聊 chew the rag
    I got fed up sitting there and chewing the rag with the gang like theirs.
    26.从小看大 the child is father of the man
    The child is father of the man. From the way he loathes studied you know that he’s not the one among those that will make the mark.
    27.坐牢 be caged
    He had been caged for three years for committing rape.
    28.满城风雨 be the talk of the town
    The film star’s engagement with the mayor became the talk of the town.
    29.零零碎碎的东西 odds and ends
    Will you please tidy up all the odds and ends on the table.
    30.生米做成了熟饭 the die is cast
    What’s the point of standing against it? The die is already cast.
    31.听到风声get wind of something
    If they get wind of what we are doing, we’ll then be in a very passive position.
    32.苗头 a straw in the wind
    There’s a straw in the wind: he’ll be promoted.
    33.卡壳儿get stuck
    He got all the five questions right, but got stuck in the last one.
    34.哪里哪里 shucks
    你真是太勇敢了。 You were so brave.
    哪里哪里,这算不了什么。 Shucks, it wasn’t anything.
    35.乱七八糟be at sixes and sevens
    Her room is always at sixes and sevens, even without room to swing a cat in.
    36.受……支配 be at the mercy of
    If you don’t want to be at the mercy of others m you’ll have to start a business of your own.
    37.扭转局势tip the scales
    At the beginning, Team A did not have very good teamwork and they lost 6 scores in a run, But the coach tipped the scales by replacing someone with the Number Six player.

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