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(d) No arbitrator may be a national of (i) the PRC or (ii) [home country of Party B]. (d) 任何一名仲裁员都不应具有(i)具有中华人民共和国国籍;或(ii)[乙方所在国国籍]
(e) The Presiding Arbitrator (and any successor or replacement appointee in place of any Presiding Arbitrator initially appointed) shall, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the Parties, be a national of one of the following countries: (e) 首席仲裁员(及其继任者或任何代替原先指定担任首席仲裁员的人选)应具有以下任一国籍:
(i) Australia; (i) 澳大利亚
(ii) Belgium; (ii) 比利时
(iii) Canada; (iii) 加拿大
(iv) New Zealand; (iv) 新西兰
(v) Sweden; (v) 瑞典
(vi) Switzerland; (vi) 瑞士
(vii) The Netherlands; (vii) 荷兰
or (viii) The United Kingdom. (viii) 英国
(f) The arbitration proceedings shall be conducted in the English language. (f) 仲裁程序应当以英语进行。
(g) All costs of arbitration (including but not limited to arbitration fees, costs of arbitrators and legal fees and disbursements) shall be borne by the losing party, unless otherwise determined by the arbitration tribunal. (g) 所有仲裁费用(包括但不限于仲裁费、仲裁员费用和法定费用和支出)应由败诉方承担,除非仲裁庭另有决定。
(h) The provisions of Chapter III of the Arbitration Rules (concerning summary procedure) are excluded, regardless of whether the total amount of the claim amounts to RMB 500,000. (h) 无论赔偿请求是否总计达人民币500,000,贸仲会仲裁规则第三章条款(关于简易程序)在尽可能允许范围内排除适用。]
[NB: This clause could be considered to be a variation to the CIETAC Rules. Article 7 of the CIETAC Rules states that variations to the Rules are subject to consent by the Arbitration Commission]. [注:本条内容可能被认定为对贸仲会仲裁规则的变更。贸仲会仲裁规则第7 条规定变更仲裁规则应获得仲裁委员会的同意。]
Or Option (2): SIAC Rules [选择(2) 新加坡国际仲裁中心仲裁
(a) In the event the dispute is not resolved through consultations within [sixty (60)] days after the date such consultations were first requested in writing by a Party, then any Party may submit the dispute to Singapore International Arbitration Centre ("SIAC") for arbitration in Singapore in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the SIAC then in force, and as amended by this Article 24.2 ("Arbitration Rules"). (a) 如果某一争议未在一方首次书面提出进行协商之日后[六十(60)]日内通过友好协商解决,则任何一方可将该争议提交新加坡国际仲裁中心(“仲裁中心”)在[新加坡]按照当时有效的仲裁中心仲裁程序规则(并根据本第24.2 条作出修订)(“仲裁规则”)进行仲裁。
(b) The tribunal shall consist of [one] [three] arbitrator(s) to be appointed by the Chairman of the SIAC. (b) 仲裁庭应由仲裁中心主任指定的[一][三]名仲裁员组成。
(c) The language of the arbitration shall be English.] (c) 仲裁应用[英语]进行。]
24.3 Procedural Compliance 24.3 遵守程序性规定
The Parties undertake: 双方保证:
(a) to comply strictly with the time limits specified in the Arbitration Rules for the taking of any step or the performance of any act in or in connection with any arbitration; and (a) 在任何仲裁或与仲裁相关的任何活动中采取任何步骤或实施的任何行为都必须严格遵守相关仲裁规则具体规定的时间限制;且
(b) to comply with and to carry out, in full and without delay, any procedural orders (including, without limitation to, any interim measures of protection ordered) or any award (interim or final) made by the arbitral tribunal. (b) 全面地、无迟延地遵守并执行所有程序性决定(包括但不限于任何临时保全措施)或任何由仲裁庭做出的任何(临时或终局)裁决。
24.4 Enforcement of Award 24.4 裁决的执行
Each of the Parties irrevocably: 各方不可撤销地:
(a) agrees that any arbitral award shall be final and binding; (a) 一致同意仲裁裁决是终局的,并对双方具有拘束力;
(b) undertakes that it will execute and perform the arbitral award fully and without delay. (b) 保证其将全面地毫无迟延地签署并履行仲裁裁决。
In the event of judicial acceptance and an order of enforcement, each party expressly waives all rights to object thereto, including any defense of sovereign immunity and any other defense based on the fact or allegation that it is an agency or instrumentality of a sovereign state; and 在法院对仲裁裁决予以司法承认并发布强制执行令的情况下,双方明确放弃其提出异议的所有权利,包括任何以主权豁免为由提出的抗辩事由以及任何基于其是一个主权国家的机构或部门的事实或主张而提出的其他抗辩事由;且
(c) waives any rights which it may have to contest the validity of the arbitration agreement set forth in this Article or the jurisdiction of the relevant arbitration institution to hear and to determine any arbitration begun pursuant to this Article 24. (c) 放弃其所拥有的对本条规定的仲裁协议有效性提出异议或对相关仲裁机构对本案进行审理并做出裁决的管辖权提出异议的任何权利。
When any dispute occurs and is the subject of friendly consultations or arbitration, the Parties shall continue to exercise their remaining respective rights and fulfil their remaining respective obligations under this Contract, except in respect of those matters under dispute. 当某一争议发生并且正在通过友好协商或仲裁解决时,双方应继续行使其各自在本合同项下的其他权利,同时继续履行其各自在本合同项下的其他义务,但与争议事项有关的权利和义务除外。
24.5 Injunctive Relief 24.5 禁令救济
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Parties agree that each Party has the right to seek temporary or permanent injunctive or other similar relief in any court or other authority of competent jurisdiction in respect of any claims of breach of confidentiality or IPR infringement or for an order of specific performance or other injunctive relief as permitted under Applicable Laws. 无论本合同前述条款有何规定,双方同意每一方均有权就任何违反保密义务或知识产权侵权的主张向任何一个有管辖权的法院或其他机关寻求临时或永久禁令或其他类似的救济措施,或申请实际履行的执行令或其他相关法律允许的禁令救济。
24.6 Governing Law 24.6 适用法律
The validity, interpretation and implementation of this Contract shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. 本合同的效力、解释以及执行适用中华人民共和国法律。
25.1 Independent Contractor Relationship 25.1 合同双方间的独立关系
Nothing in this Contract shall be construed or implied as: 本合同任何条款均不应被解释为或默示为:
(a) constituting either of the Parties hereto as the agent of the other Party (except with the other Party's prior written consent); or (a) 使任何一方成为另一方的代理人(另一方事先书面同意的除外);或
(b) authorizing either Party to incur any expenses or any other form of obligation on behalf of the other Party (except with the other Party's prior written consent). (b) 授权一方为另一方招致费用或其他任何形式的义务(另一方事先书面同意的除外)。
25.2 Binding Effect 25.2 合同约束力的范围
This Contract is made for the benefit of the Parties hereto and their respective lawful successors and assignees and is legally binding on them. 本合同对本合同双方以及该方合法的继受者和受让人有法律拘束力。
25.3 Amendment 25.3 修改
This Contract shall not be changed verbally, but only by a written instrument signed by the Parties, and, where required under Applicable Laws, on approval by the relevant Examination and Approval Authority. 本合同不得以口头方式修改,而须双方签署书面文件后方可修改;若相关法律另有规定,则须签署书面文件并取得相关审批机关的批准,本合同方可修改。
25.4 No Publicity 25.4 合同内容保密
The existence of this Contract, as well as its contents, shall be deemed to fall within the scope of Confidential Information and shall be subject to Article 22 and shall not be disclosed in whole or in part to any person or entity, except to 各方应遵守第22 条的规定,对本合同的存在及其内容保密,并不得向任何人或实体全部或部分披露,但向以下各方的披露除外:
(i) Permitted Disclosure Parties, (ii) to authorized securities regulators or exchanges in accordance with Applicable Laws or the relevant rules of the securities exchange to which the Party in question is subject, (i)向允许披露方披露;(ii)向依据相关法律或对有关一方有约束力的证券交易所规则得到授权的证券市场监管官员或交易所披露;
(iii) to officials in relevant government departments pursuant to the requirements of Applicable Laws, (iv) in order to fulfil any conditions precedent to the effectiveness of this Contract, (iii)根据相关法律向有关政府机构的官员披露;(iv)为了满足本合同生效的条件;
(v) for the purpose of the performance by a Party of its obligations or exercise of its rights hereunder or relating hereto or (vi) for the other bona fide purposes of the Company after its establishment. (v)一方为履行其于本合同项下或与本合同相关的义务或行使其于本合同项下或与本合同相关的权利;或者(vi)在合营公司建立后为合营公司经营的正当目的。
25.5 Notices 25.5 通知
(a) Any notice or written communication provided for in this Contract by either Party to the other, including but not limited to any and all offers, writings, or notices to be given hereunder, shall be made in [language] either: (a) 本合同规定一方向另一方发出的通知或书面函件(包括但不限于本合同项下所有要约、书面文件或通知)均应以[语言]制作,并通过以下方式送达相应一方:
(i) by hand; or (i) 当面递交;或
(ii) by courier service delivered letter; or (ii) 专递信函;或
(iii) by facsimile. (iii) 传真。
(b) Notices shall be deemed to have been delivered at the following times: (b) 在以下时间通知被视为已经送达:
(i) if by hand, on reaching the designated address and subject to return receipt or other proof of delivery; (i) 如果以当面递交方式送达,送达指定地址并签署回执或其他送达证明;
(ii) if by courier, the [fifth] Business Day after the date of dispatch; and (ii) 如果是以专递信函方式送达,为递交日后的第[五] 个工作日;且
(iii) if by fax, upon the next Business Day following the date marked on the confirmation of transmission report by the sender's fax machine, indicating completed uninterrupted transmission to the relevant facsimile number. (iii) 如果是以传真的方式送达,为发送传真方的传真机发送的报告确认书(表明已向相关传真号码发送完整的、未中断的传真)上标记的日期后的下一个工作日。
(c) During the Term, each Party may change its particulars for receipt of notices at any time by notice given to the other Party in accordance with this Article 25.5. (c) 在合营期限内,一方可随时根据第25.5 条规定的方式通知另一方变更通知送达地址。
Party A: 甲方:[甲方名称]
[mailing address] [通信地址]
People's Republic of China 中华人民共和国
Facsimile No: 传真号码:
Attention: 收件人:
Party B: 乙方:
[mailing address] [通信地址]
Facsimile No: 传真号码:
Attention: 收件人:
25.6 Severability 25.6 可分割性
The invalidity of any provision of this Contract shall not affect the validity of any other provision of this Contract. 本合同某一条款的无效不影响本合同其他条款的效力。
25.7 Entire Agreement 25.7 全部协议
This Contract and the Schedules and Annexes hereto constitute the entire agreement between the Parties hereto with respect to the subject matter of this Contract and supersede all prior discussions, negotiations and agreements between them, including, the [Memorandum of Understanding between [●] and [●] dated [●]] the [Letter of Intent between [●] and [●] dated [●]] 本合同及其附录和附件构成双方就本合同标的达成的全部协议,并取代双方之间此前就该标的进行的所有磋商、谈判以及达成的协议,包括,[ [·]与[·]于[日期]达成的谅解备忘录][ [·]与[·]于[日期]达成的意向书]
25.8 Waiver 25.8 不放弃权利
Either Party's failure to exercise or delay in exercising any right, power or privilege under this Contract shall not operate as a waiver thereof, and any single or partial exercise of any right, power or privilege shall not preclude the exercise of any other right, power or privilege. 如果一方未能行使或迟延行使其在本合同项下的某些权利、权力或特权,不构成该方对此项权利、权力或特权的放弃,如果该方已经行使或者部分行使某项权利、权力或特权,并不妨碍其在将来再次行使此项权利、权力或特权。
25.9 Further Endeavours 25.9 进一步努力
A Party shall, at any time, upon the request of the other Party, execute or procure the execution of such documents, agreements, contracts or deeds and do or procure the doing of such acts and things as may be [reasonably] necessary to give full effect to the provisions of this Contract. 在为使本合同条款具有完全效力的[合理]必要范围内,应另一方随时要求,一方应签署(或促使第三方签署)有关文件、协议、合同、契据并实施(或促使第三方实施)相关行为。
25.10 Costs 25.10 费用
Save as otherwise provided in this Contract, each Party shall bear its own legal and other professional costs in relation to the preparation, negotiation and entry into of this Contract. 除本合同中另有约定,每一方应承担与本合同的制作、谈判及订立相关的该方律师或其他专业顾问费用。
25.11 Articles 25.11 合营公司章程
In case of any inconsistency between the Articles and this Contract, this Contract shall prevail. 如果合营公司章程与本合同存在不一致之处,以本合同为准。
25.12 Schedules and Annexes 25.12 附录以及附件
The Schedules and Annexes hereto are made an integral part of this Contract and are equally binding with the main body of the Contract. In the event of any conflict between the terms and provisions of the main body of the Contract and the Schedules or Annexes, the terms and provisions of the main body of this Contract shall prevail. 本合同的附录以及附件为本合同不可分割的部分,并且与本合同正文的条款具有同等效力。如果本合同正文的条款与附录以及附件的条款有冲突,以本合同正文条款为准。
25.13 Language 25.13 文本
This Contract is executed in the Chinese language in [●] ([●]) originals and in the English language in [●] ([●]) originals. Both language versions shall be equally authentic. 本合同中文正本[·]([·])份,英文正本[ ·]([·])份。两种文本具有同等效力。
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each of the Parties hereto has caused this Contract to be executed by its duly authorized representative on the date first set forth above in [●], People's Republic of China. 双方已于本合同首页所载日期[ ·]通过其正式授权的代表在中华人民共和国签署本合同,以资证明。
[Party A name] [Party B name] [甲方名称] [乙方名称]
By: ____________________ By: ____________________ 签署: 签署:
Name: [Party A rep name] Name: [Party B rep name] 姓名:[甲方代表姓名] 姓名:[乙方代表姓名]
(in Chinese [(Chinese name)]) ([英文姓名]) ([英文姓名])
Title: [Party A rep position] Title: [Party B rep position] 职务:[甲方代表职务] 职务:[乙方代表职务]
Nationality: Chinese Nationality: [Party B rep nationality] 国籍:中国 国籍:[乙方代表国籍]
Part A - Definitions 第一部分 - 定义
Unless the terms or context of this Contract otherwise provide, the following terms shall have the meanings set out below: 除非本合同条款或上下文另有所指,下列用语的含义如下:
“Additional Permits” means all the government approvals, consents, registrations and licenses listed in Schedule D hereto in respect of the operation of the Company or the effectiveness or performance of any Ancillary Contract (other than the Pre-Establishment Permits and the Tax Concessions). “后续批文”指政府对本合同附录四中列出的有关合营公司运营或任何附属合同的有效性或可执行性的批准、同意、登记以及许可(不包括设立批文和税收减免批文)。
"Affiliate" means any company which, directly or indirectly, is controlled by, under common control with, or in control of, a party; the term "control" being used in the sense of power to elect or appoint a majority of directors or to direct the management of a company. “关联机构”指被一方直接或间接控制、与该方共同受控制、或者控制该方的任何公司; “控制”这一用语的含义指拥有选举或委派董事会多数董事或指示公司管理部门的权力。
"Affiliate Assignee" has the meaning as defined in Article 5.6 (d). “关联受让方” 应具有第5.6 条(d)款所给出的含义。
"aggrieved Party" has the meaning as defined in Article 21.1. “受损害方”应具有第21.1 条所给出的含义。
“Ancillary Contracts” means the contracts listed in Schedule B hereto. “附属合同”指本合同附录二中列出的合同。
"Ancillary Documents" means documents required by the relevant PRC government authorities for approval and registration of the Company. “附属文件”指为获得相关中国政府部门批准与注册,合营公司所需提交的文件。
"Applicable Laws" means the laws, regulations, rules, notices, and other legislative, executive or judicial decisions or pronouncements binding on either Party, the Company or in relation to the subject matter of this Contract. “相关法律”指对本合同一方或本合同标的适用的法律、法规、规章,以及立法、行政或司法机关颁布的通知、命令、决定或其他公示文件。
“Approval Certificate” means the certificate issued by the Examination and Approval Authority approving the establishment of the Company and this Contract and the Articles of Association. “批准证书”指由审批机关签发的,批准成立合营公司、本合同以及公司章程的证书。
"Approval Letter" means the approval reply issued by the Examination and Approval Authority approving the establishment of the Company and this Contract and the Articles of Association of the Company. “批复”指由审批机关签发的,批准成立合营公司、本合同以及公司章程的答复。
"Articles of Association" means the Articles of Association of the Company executed by the Parties in [city and province], China on the date hereof. “公司章程”指由双方在本合同签署日在中国[地点]签订的合营公司的公司章程。
"Assigning Party" has the meaning as defined in Article 5.6 (b). “转让方”应具有第5.6 条(b)款所给出的含义。
"Board" means the board of directors of the Company, as constituted from time to time. “董事会”指合营公司的董事会(其成员可不时变更)。
"breaching Party" has the meaning as defined in Article 21.1. “违约方”应具有第21.1 条中所给出的含义。
"Business" means the business undertaken by the Company from time to time in accordance with the Business Plan. “公司业务”指合营公司根据业务计划不时进行的业务。
"Business Day" means: “工作日”指:
(a) in respect of any action to be taken in the PRC, any day on which companies in the PRC are generally open for business in the PRC, including a Saturday or Sunday which the PRC government temporarily declares to be a working day ("Working Rest Day"), but excluding a statutory holiday, or a Saturday or Sunday other than a Working Rest Day; and (a) 就在中国实施的行为而言,指中华人民共和国境内公司通常对外营业的任何一日, 包括中国政府宣布为临时工作日的星期六或星期日(“调休工作日”),但不包括法定节假日以及调休工作日以外的星期六或星期日;
(b) in respect of any action to be taken in [Foreign Party Home Country], any day on which companies in [Foreign Party Home Country] are generally open for business in [Foreign Party Home Country]. (b) 就在[乙方所在国]实施的行为而言,指[乙方所在国]境内公司通常对外营业的任何一日。
"Business License" means the first business license of the Company issued by the SAIC. “营业执照”指由工商行政管理局颁发的合营公司的第一份营业执照。
"Business License Issuance Date" means the date the Business License is issued to the Company by the SAIC. “营业执照颁发日”指由工商行政管理局向合营公司颁发营业执照的日期。
"Business Plan" means the business plan for the Company as approved by the Board from time to time. “业务计划”指经董事会不时批准的合营公司的业务计划。
"Buy-out Price" has the meaning as defined in Article 20.3 (b). “收购价格” 应具有第20.3 条(b)款所给出的含义。
"Chairman" has the meaning as defined in Article 8.1 (d). “董事长”应具有第8.1 条(d)款所给出的含义。
"Changes in FIE Equity Interests Provisions" has the meaning as defined in Article 5.6(a). “外商投资企业股权变更规定” 应具有第5.6 条(a)款所给出的含义。
"Chief Financial Officer" means the Chief Financial Officer or Chief Accountant of the Company. “财务总监”指合营公司的财务总监或合营公司的总会计师。
“China” and “PRC” mean the mainland of the People’s Republic of China. “中国”指中华人民共和国大陆地区。
"Company" means the Sino-foreign Equity Joint Venture Company to be established by the Parties pursuant to this Contract and the Articles of Association. “合营公司”指根据本合同和合营公司章程由双方建立的中外合资经营企业。
"Confidential Information" means any business, marketing, technical, scientific or other information disclosed by any Party (or its Affiliates) which, at the time of disclosure, is designated as confidential (or like designation), is disclosed in circumstances of confidence, or would be understood by the Parties, exercising reasonable business judgement, to be confidential. “保密资料”指某方(或其关联机构)所披露的符合以下条件之一的商业、营销、技术、科学或其他信息;在披露时标明为保密(或有类似标记)的、在保密情况下披露的、或双方根据合理的商业判断应理解为保密资料的。
"Contract" shall have the meaning set out in the preamble. “合同”应具有首部中所给出的含义。
"Cure Period" shall have the meaning set out in Article 21.1(a). “补救期”应具有第21.1 条(a)款中所给出的含义。
"Deadlock Matter" means any matter required to be decided by the Board in accordance with Article 8.2 which either: “投票僵持事项”指以下任何需要董事会根据第8.2 条决定的事项:
(a) the Board fails to reach an agreement on so as to enable it to pass the relevant resolution in the manner required under Article 8.2(b) or (c) (as the case may be) within [twenty (20)] Business Days after the date of the Board meeting at which the matter is first tabled for discussion or the date on which a written resolution in relation to the matter is first circulated to the directors; (a) 在董事会将此事项列入董事会讨论日程之日或在就此事项做出的书面决议第一次在董事间传阅之日后的[20]个工作日内,董事会因未达成一致而未能就该事项根据第8.2 条(b)款或(c)款要求的方式通过相关决议(以适用者为准);
(b) cannot be discussed and agreed by the Board due to [two (2)] successive meetings convened to discuss such matter being inquorate as a result of one Party's appointed directors failing to attend both such meetings either in person or by proxy; or (b) 因为连续[两]次召集讨论此事项的董事会会议因一方委派的董事既没有亲自参加也没有通过代理人参加而未达到法定最低人数,使董事会未能就此事项进行讨论以达成一致;或
(c) cannot be discussed and agreed by the Board due to the failure to convene a Board meeting or circulate a written resolution in accordance with the requirements of Article 8.3 and such failure is not remedied for a period of [ninety (90) days] from the latest date such Board meeting should have been scheduled or such written resolution should have been circulated under the provisions of Article 8.3. (c) 未能根据第8.3 条的要求召开董事会或传阅书面的决议,并未自董事会应该召开或书面决议应传阅的最迟日期起 [九十(90)]日内作出补救。
"Declining Party" has the meaning as defined in Article 5.8 (b). “拒绝方”应具有第5.8 条(b)款中所给出的含义。
"Deputy General Manager" means the Deputy General Manager of the Company. “副总经理”指合营公司的副总经理。
"disclosing Party" has the meaning as defined in Article 22.1. “披露方”应具有第22.1 条中所给出的含义。
"dispute" shall have the meaning set out in Article 24.1. “争议”应具有第24.1 条中所给出的含义。
"Effective Date" means the effective date of this Contract, being the date on which this Contract has been approved by the Examination and Approval Authority. “生效日”指本合同的生效日,即审批机关批准本合同的日期。
"EJV Law" means the Law of the PRC on Sino-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures passed on 1 July, 1979. “《合资企业法》”指1979 年7 月1 日颁布并实施的《中华人民共和国中外合资经营企业法》。
"EJV Implementing Regulations" means the Regulations for the Implementation of the Law of the PRC on Equity Joint Ventures promulgated on 20 September 1983. “《合资企业法实施细则》”指1983 年9 月20 日颁布的《中华人民共和国中外合资经营企业法实施细则》。
"Encumbrance" means any claim, deposit, charge, mortgage, security, pledge, lien, option, equity, power of sale or hypothecation or other third party right, retention of title arrangement, right of pre-emption, right of first refusal or security interest of any kind. “物权限制”指任何索赔要求、定金、设置担保物权、抵押、提供担保、质押、期权、股权、出卖权或其他第三方权利、所有权保留安排、优先权、先买权、或任何形式的担保权益。
"Enterprise Accounting System" means the general Accounting System for Enterprises promulgated by the MOF on 29 December 2000 to replace the Accounting System for Foreign Investment Enterprises promulgated on 24 June 1992, which was applicable to foreign investment enterprises as of 1 January 2002. “企业会计制度”指财务部2000 年12 月29 日发布的一般企业会计制度, 取代1992 年6 月24 日发布的外商投资企业会计制度,该外商投资企业会计制度对外商投资企业适用至2002 年1 月1 日止。
"Examination and Approval Authority" means the MOFCOM or other authority entrusted by it to approve this Contract and the establishment of the Company. “审批机关”指商务部,或其他由其授权批准本合同和成立合营公司的机关。
["First Capital Contribution Date" means the date on which the first capital contribution is due to be made by each Party, being the date falling no later than ninety (90) days after the date of the Business Licence and Issuance Date.] [“第一笔出资缴纳日”指各方应缴纳第一笔出资之日,即不迟于营业执照颁发日后90 日。]
["Final Capital Contribution Date" means the date falling [●] months after the Business Licence Issuance Date.] [“最终出资缴纳日”指在营业执照颁发日后[ ·]月的日期]
"Force Majeure" has the meaning as defined in Article 23.1. “不可抗力”应具有第23.1 条所给出的含义。
"General Manager" means the General Manager of the Company. “总经理”指合营公司的总经理。
“Independent Appraiser” means an independent and competent appraiser registered in China and authorized to perform appraisals of state-owned and other assets selected by the Company’s Independent Auditor at the request of either Party. “独立评估师”指按照任何一方的要求,由合营公司独立审计师选定的有资格对国有资产或其他种类的资产进行评估、在中国注册的独立的且能胜任的评估师。
“Independent Auditor” means the internationally recognized independent and competent accountant registered in China. “独立审计师”指在中国注册并由董事会指派为合营公司独立审计师的国际知名的独立的且能胜任的会计师。
“Industry Valuation Method” means the valuation method selected by the Independent Appraiser in consultation with the Parties, which shall be a valuation method commonly used in international practice in valuing enterprises in the Company’s industry on a going concern basis, but, where the assets or equity interests in question constitute State-owned assets under Applicable Laws, it shall refer to a valuation method which complies with, and satisfies the requirements of Applicable Laws relating to State-owned assets. “行业评估方法”指独立评估师在与本合同双方商榷后选定的评估方法,该评估方法在基于合营公司作为一家正在营业的实体进行企业价值评估时,在国际同行业中被普遍采用。但当根据相关法律待评估的资产或股权属于国有资产时,应适用符合相关法律对于国有资产规定的评估方法。
"Intellectual Property Rights" or "IPR" means any and all rights in any invention, discovery, improvement, utility, model, copyrightable work, industrial design or mask work, algorithm, data structure, trade secrets or know-how, Confidential Information, or any idea having commercial &#118alue. “知识产权”指针对以下任何一项所拥有的权利:发明、发现、改进、实用新型、外观设计、有著作权的作品、工业设计或腌模、算法、数据结构、商业秘密或专有技术、保密资料或具有商业价值的想法。
IPR shall include any trademark, trade dress, trade name, domain name, or other marks that serve to identify and distinguish goods or services as coming from, or falling under the control of, a single source. 知识产权还包括商标、装潢、商号、域名,以及表明或突出某一货物或服务来源于某一实体或受某一实体控制的其他标记。
IPR shall include all rights of whatsoever nature in computer software and data, all intangible rights or privileges of a nature similar to any of the foregoing in every case in any part of the world and whether or not registered, and all rights in any applications and granted registrations for any of the foregoing rights. 知识产权包括所有针对计算机软件及数据的任何性质的权利在世界任何地区与上述权利性质类似的所有无形权利或特权,还包括上述权利的申请权以及登记权。
"Investment Certificate" means a certificate issued by the Company to any person in accordance with the provisions of Article 5.5, in respect of any capital contribution made by that person to the Company. “出资证明书”指根据第5.5 条的规定,由合营公司向合营公司的出资人签发的证明。
"Labour Union" means the labour union of the Company established in accordance with the PRC Labour Union Law, the EJV Law and other relevant applicable laws and regulations of the PRC. “工会”指根据中华人民共和国工会法、合资经营企业法和其他中国有关法律法规成立的合营公司的工会。
"Licence Agreement[s]" means the [Party A Licence Agreement] [and the] [Party B Licence Agreement]. “许可协议”指[甲方许可协议][和][乙方许可协议]。
"Management Personnel" means the Company's General Manager, Deputy General Manager, Chief Financial Officer and other personnel designated as such by the Board. “管理人员”指合营公司的总经理、副总经理、财务总监以及其他由董事会任命的人员。
“Material Modification” means a modification (whether by means of the imposition of additional terms and conditions or otherwise) by the relevant government departments to, as the case may be, this Contract, the Articles of Association or the intended business scope of the Company or scope and nature of any of the Ancillary Contracts, the Additional Permits or Tax Concessions as agreed or anticipated by the Parties, which in the opinion of either Party, will have a material adverse effect on the ability of Parties to achieve through the Company, their respective economic and operational objectives. “实质性修改”指由有关政府部门对本合同、公司章程或合营公司预期的经营范围或附属合同的范围和性质、后续批文或双方已同意的或期待的税收减免做出的修改(包括通过增加其他条款或其他方式),而任何一方认定该修改会对合营公司实现双方的经济和运营目标的能力产生重大负面的影响。
“MOFCOM” means the Ministry of Commerce of China or any of its predecessors. “商务部”指中华人民共和国商务部或其前身政府部门。
"MOF" means the Ministry of Finance of China. “财政部”指中华人民共和国财政部。
"negotiation period" has the meaning as defined in Article 20.3 (a)(i). “协商期”应具有第20.3(a)(i)项给出的含义。
"Notifying Party" has the meaning as defined in Article 20.1(c). “通知方”应具有第20.1(c)款给出的含义。
"Party" shall have the meaning set out in the preamble. “一方”应具有首部中所给出的含义。
"Parties" shall have the meaning set out in the preamble. “双方”应具有首部中所给出的含义。
"Party A" shall have the meaning set out in the preamble. “甲方”应具有首部中所给出的含义。
["Party A Licence Agreement" means [●].] [“甲方许可协议”指[ ] ]
"Party B" shall have the meaning set out in the preamble. “乙方”应具有首部中所给出的含义。
["Party B Licence Agreement" means [●].] [“乙方许可协议”指[ ] ]
"Permits" means all Additional Permits, Pre-Establishment Permits and Tax Concessions, and a "Permit" means any of them. “相关批文”指所有后续批文、设立批文和税收优惠,并且一份"批文"也指前述任何一项文件。
"Pre-Establishment Permits" means any licence, permit, registration, certificate, consent, approval and/or authorisation needed for the establishment of the Company as a legal person with limited liability in accordance with Applicable Laws, including the Approval Letter, the Approval Certificate and the Business Licence. “设立批文”指根据相关法律,设立合营公司并使其成为承担有限责任的法人所需的许可、批文、登记、证明书、同意、批准和/或授权,包括批复、批准证明和营业执照。
"Permitted Disclosure Parties" shall have the meaning set out in Article 22.1(c). “允许披露方”应具有第22.1(c)款中所给出的含义。
["Phase I Business" means [●]. [“一期业务”指[·]
"Phase II Business" means [●]. “二期业务”指[·]
"Phase III Business" means [●]. “三期业务”指[·]
"Phase IV Business" means [●].] “四期业务”指[·]]
"PRC Company Law" means the Company Law of the People's Republic of China promulgated with effect from 1 July 1994. “中国公司法”指1994 年7 月1 日生效的中华人民共和国公司法。
["Products" means the products manufactured by the Company from time to time, including [●] and [●].] [“合营产品”指合营公司不时生产的产品,包括[·]和[·]]
"receiving Party" has the meaning as defined in Article 22.1. “接受方”应具有第22.1 条所给出的含义。
"Renminbi" or "RMB" means the lawful currency of China from time to time. “人民币”或“RMB”指中华人民共和国的法定货币。
"SAFE" means the State Administration of Foreign Exchange or its local branch. “外汇局”指中华人民共和国国家外汇管理局或相关的地方外汇管理局。
"SAIC" means the State Administration of Industry and Commerce of China or the relevant local Administration for Industry and Commerce. “工商局”指中华人民共和国国家工商行政管理总局或相关的地方工商行政管理局。
"SASAC" means the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the PRC or its relevant local organs. “国资委”指中华人民共和国国有资产监督管理委员会或相关的地方国有资产监督管理委员会。
["Services" means the services provided by the Company from time to time, including [●].] [“合营服务”指由合营公司不时提供的服务,包括[·] ]
"Site" means the site to be used by the Company for its operations, as further described in the [Land/Building Lease Contract]. “经营场所”指合营公司为其运营而选择的场所,[土地/建筑物合同]中将对该场所作进一步描述。
"Taxes" means any and all applicable tax and taxes (including, but not limited to any &#118alue added tax or sales tax, stamp or other duty, levy, impost, charge, fee, deduction, or withholding of any nature and howsoever called or described) by whomsoever and wheresoever imposed, levied, collected or assessed. “税收”指任何征税主体在任何征税地点向合营公司征收的相关税金(包括但不限于,增值税、销售税、印花税、或其他税费、扣除或预提税(无论性质和名称))。
“Tax Concessions” means the favorable tax treatment listed in Schedule E that the Parties anticipate the Company will be entitled to receive upon proper application to the relevant government authorities. “税收减免”指在附录五中所列出的税收优惠,根据该附录,本合同双方期望合营公司在向有关政府机关提交相关申请后,可获得税收优惠。
“Term” means the joint venture term of the Company as set out in Article 19.1. “合营期限”指在第19.1 条中规定的合营公司的期限。
"Trade Secrets" means any technology, information or business operation information which is unknown to the public, is capable of bringing about economic benefits to the rightful holder, has practical utility and which is subject to measures in place and carried out in order to keep it secret. “商业秘密”即指不为公众所知悉、能为权利人带来经济利益、具有实用性并经权利人采取保密措施的技术信息和经营信息。
"United States Dollars" or "US$" means the lawful currency of the United States of America. “美元”或“US$”指美利坚合众国的法定货币。
"Vice Chairman" means the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company. “副董事长”指合营公司董事会的副董事长。
"Working Personnel" means all employees and staff of the Company other than the Management Personnel and the members of the Board. “工作人员”指除管理人员和董事会成员之外的合营公司所有雇员和员工。
Part B - Interpretation 第二部分 - 解释
1. A reference to any Applicable Laws or to any legislation, or to any provision of Applicable Laws or of any legislation includes a reference to such Applicable Laws or legislation as amended or modified from time to time. 1. 本合同中提及相关法律或任何立法,或相关法律或任何立法的条款,也包括其修订后的版本。
2. A reference to a "person" includes any individual or entity (including any company, business or other enterprise or entity, joint venture, institution, state or government department), as the context permits. 2. 本合同中提及的“人”根据上下文包括任何个人或实体(包括任何公司、商号或其他企业或实体、合营企业、机构、国家或政府部门)。
3. References in this Contract to contracts, agreements or other documents, shall mean the same as amended from time to time. 3. 本合同中提及的合同、协议或其他文件也包括其修订后的版本。
4. A reference to any PRC government authority or department includes such authority or department at State, provincial, municipal and other levels. 4. 本合同中提及的任何中国政府机关或部门包括国家、省、市及其他级别的政府机关或部门。
5. References in this Contract to government ministries, bureaux, departments,commissions, agencies, etc. shall include all successor entities thereto. 5. 本合同中提及的政府部、局、部门、委员会、署等,也指这些机构的继受机构。
6. In this Contract, the masculine form includes the feminine form and the singular form includes the plural form, and vice versa. 6. 在本合同中所使用的男性称谓也包括女性,单数也包括复数,反之亦然。
7. Headings are for convenience of reference only and shall not affect the construction or interpretation of this Contract. 7. 在本合同中各款标题仅为方便查阅而设,对本合同的理解或解释并无影响。
8. A reference to any Party to this Contract or to any other party to any contract, agreement or document includes a reference to that party's successors and permitted assigns. 8. 本合同中提及的任何一方或任何合同、协议或文件的一方包括该方的继受者及其允许的受让人。
9. A reference to a director, the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, the General Manager, the Deputy General Manager, the Chief Operating Officer or the Chief Financial Officer or similar positions means a person appointed in accordance with this Contract holding such position in the Company from time to time. 9. 本合同中提及的董事、董事长、副董事长、总经理、副总经理、执行总监、财务总监或相似职位,指根据本合同而委派后担任以上职位的人员。
10. The words "includes" or "including" mean "includes without limitation" and "including without limitation" respectively. 10. 在本合同中,“包括”指“包括但不限于”。
[Instructions: List each Ancillary Contract in the following format: [要求:将各附属合同按以下格式列出:
1. [Name of Ancillary Contract] to be entered into by and [between] [among] the Company and [name(s) of Party, Affiliate and/or third party] promptly following the Business License Issuance Date substantially in the form attached as Appendix [●] hereto.] 1. 营业执照颁发日后,随即由合营公司与[另一]若干][合同(各)方名称,关联机构和/或第三方]签订的[附属合同名称],其基本格式附于本合同的附件[·]中。]
1. Party A’s Registered Capital Contributions 1. 甲方出资
Party A’s total contribution to the registered capital of the Company representing a [Party A's percentage of registered capital]% share in the registered capital of the Company shall be the amount of [Party A registered capital contribution]. It shall be made in the form of [RMB] [United States Dollars] cash in the amount of [Party A cash contribution] [and in-kind contribution of the following assets: 甲方应向合营公司注册资本出资的总额为[甲方应缴纳的注册资本],占合营公司注册资本[ ]%, 包括[人民币][美元]现金[甲方的现金出资][和下列非现金资产:
[list in-kind assets by item and &#118alue]] [分项列出非现金资产及其价值]]
Party A shall make its contributions to the registered capital of the Company in accordance with the following schedule (subject to the provisions of Article 5.4(c)): 在遵守本合同第5.4 条(c)款的前提下,甲方应按照以下时间表向合营公司缴付注册资本:
Initial instalment in the amount of [●] [being not less than fifteen percent (15%) of Party A’s total registered capital contribution] to be made by Party A on or before the First Capital Contribution Date. 甲方第一笔出资应在第一笔出资缴付日或之前缴付,数额[·] [不少于甲方全部注册资本出资额的15%]
[Subsequent instalments to be made in accordance with the Company’s operational requirements as determined by the Board, provided that in any event the full amount of Party A’s registered capital contributions shall be made in full no later than the Final Capital Contribution Date.] [随后的出资将根据合营公司的运营要求由董事会决定缴付,但是无论如何甲方的全部出资应在不迟于最后出资缴付日完成。]
2. Party B’s Registered Capital Contributions 2. 乙方出资
Party B’s total contribution to the registered capital of the Company representing a [Party B's percentage of registered capital]% share in the registered capital of the Company shall be the amount of [Party B registered capital contribution]. It shall be made in the form of [United States Dollars] cash in the amount of [Party B cash contribution] [and in-kind contribution of the following assets: 乙方应向合营公司注册资本出资的总额为[乙方应缴纳的注册资本],占合营公司注册资本[ ]%, 包括[人民币][美元]现金[乙方的现金出资][和下列非现金资产:
[list in-kind assets by item and &#118alue]] [分项列出非现金资产及其价值]]
Party B shall make its contributions to the registered capital of the Company in accordance with the following schedule (subject to the provisions of Article 5.4(c)): 在遵守本合同第5.4 条(c)款的前提下,乙方应按照以下时间表向合营公司缴付注册资本:
Initial instalment in the amount of [●] [being not less than fifteen percent (15%) of Party B’s total registered capital contribution] to be made by Party B on or before the First Capital Contribution Date. 乙方第一笔出资应在第一笔出资缴付日或之前交付,数额[·] [不少于乙方全部注册资本出资额的15%]
[Subsequent instalments to be made in accordance with the Company’s operational requirements as determined by the Board, provided that in any event the full amount of Party B’s registered capital contributions shall be made in full no later than the Final Capital Contribution Date.] [随后的出资将根据合营公司的运营要求由董事会决定缴付,但是无论如何乙方的全部出资应在在不迟于最后出资缴付日完成。]
3. Miscellaneous 3. 其他
3.1 To the extent practicable, each Party shall make each of its initial and subsequent registered capital contribution instalments at the same time as the corresponding instalment to be made by the other Party. 3.1 在可行的情况下,双方应在同一时间缴纳其各自应缴纳的第一笔出资以及随后各期出资。

3.2 With respect to the in-kind registered capital contributions (each an “In-kind Contribution Asset”) to be made by a Party (“Contributing Party”) hereunder, such Contributing Party hereby represents and warrants to the other Party that as of the date of the signing of this Contract, the Effective Date, the Business License Issuance Date and the date of contribution of each such In-kind Contribution Asset: 3.2 对于本合同任何一方(“出资方”)以非现金形式缴纳的注册资本出资(“非现金出资”),该出资方特此向对方陈述和担保,在本合同签署的日期、生效日、营业执照颁发日以及该非现金资产出资日:
(a) the Contributing Party possesses all rights, title and interest in and to each such In-kind Contribution Asset; and (a) 出资方拥有非现金出资的所有权利、产权和利益;且
(b) no In-kind Contribution Asset is jointly owned by or subject to any Encumbrance in favour of or claim of any third party] (b) 非现金资产不是共有财产,且其上不存在任何第三方的限制物权或索赔请求。
[add other representations and warranties as appropriate, adapted to the type of asset in question e.g. for land, the duration of the assigned granted land use rights, compliance by the Contributing Party with the terms of the underlying land grant contract, whether the land grant premium and land price have been paid in full, whether the land has any contamination or other environmental issues etc.] [可根据资产的类型增加其它相应的陈述和保证,例如资产为土地可增加受让土地使用权的期限、出资方遵守土地使用权转让合同条款的规定,土地转让金、使用费是否全额支付,土地是否存在污染或其它环境问题,等等]
附录四 - 后续批文
[List: e.g., manufacturing FIE 2+3 tax holiday treatment, local government/zone tax concessions, high technology or software development enterprise tax concessions, etc.] [列举:例如生产性外商投资企业“免二减三”税收优惠待遇、地方政府/特区的税收减免政策、高科技或软件开发企业享受的税收减免等]
1. CAVEATS 1. 注意事项
1.1. Independent Legal Advice 1.1 独立法律判断
In these Drafting Notes, we refer to "Party A" in the Contract as "the Chinese Party" and to "Party B" in the Contract as "the Foreign Party". The user of this template is required to exercise independent legal judgment or take independent legal advice in respect of each Article of this template and make any and all revisions or supplements necessary or appropriate to ensure that such Articles (a) are applicable and appropriate to the subject transaction, and (b) comply with relevant requirements of applicable law as then in effect. 使用本范本时须对每一条款进行审阅,作出独立的法律判断(如果起草者为律师)或征求律师意见(如果起草者并非律师),并进行相应的修改或补充,以确保这些条款(a)适合交易项目(b)符合当时相关法律的规定。
1.2. User Discretion 1.2 变通条款
Items left blank in the template are to be completed by the user in accordance with the requirements of the subject transaction. Certain provisions and phrases have been placed in square brackets in order to draw the particular attention of the user thereto and such provisions or phrases in square brackets are to be used, completed, modified or deleted as the user determines appropriate. 在本范本中,空白项需要起草者根据项目具体情况填写。某些条款和用语加上了方括弧,起草者须对 这些条款和用语特别注意,根据交易情况进行选择、修改或删除。
This template has been drafted in on the basis of the following assumptions regarding the project characteristics: 本合同范本是基于以下情况起草(因此,对于存在其他情况的交易而言,可能须要对本范本进行较大幅度修改才适用):
(a) the project will be operated by an equity joint venture ("EJV") (this template is not appropriate for a cooperative joint venture ("CJV")); (a) 合同所涉项目为中外合资企业项目(并非中外合作企业项目);
(b) the user is acting for the majority shareholder (this template thus is not an appropriate starting point for a minority investor); (b) 合同是由将占多数股一方的律师起草,着重于保护大股东利益(因此,不宜作为代表少数股股东起草的合同的范本)。
(c) Party A is the Chinese investor (as it is typical for the Chinese party to be listed first); and (c) 中方为合同甲方;
(d) there is only one Chinese party and one foreign party (this template thus will require substantial revisions in the event that additional parties are to sign the joint venture contract). (d) 合同方只有一个中方与一个外方,因此,就有两个以上中方或者两个以上外方的合资项目,须对本合同范本进行较大幅度的修改。

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